Rare birth defects associated with Morgagni hernia and segmental aplasia of uterine horn in bitch: Case report

Adriana Gradela, Alan Greison Costa Macedo, Maria Helena Tavares de Matos, Ricardo Santana de Lima, Vanessa Sobue Franzo


Birth defects, deformities or abnormalities are terms used to describe developmental defects present at birth, most of which are rare in bitches. We report the case of a six-month old mongrel bitch corpse, which, when subjected to an anatomotopographic study revealed the presence of rare birth defects as Morgagni hernia and segmental aplasia of the right uterine horn with its attachment to the transverses muscle of abdominis. In association with HM, we observed the presence of dextrocardia and a defect of the abdominal wall supraumbilical characteristic of incompletely Pentalogy of Cantrell’s, syndrome so far described only in humans. In association with segmental aplasia of the uterine horn, we observed the ipsilateral presence of the renal hypoplasia and ureteral agenesis. The diagnosis of those abnormalities was based on anatomical findings and confirmed histologically. Despite the rarity and complexity of the abnormalities first described in bitches, the literature suggested that the prognosis may be favorable to the life of the animal. However, early diagnosis is essential to avoid the potential complications of those diseases


Pentalogia de Cantrell; Hipoplasia renal; Agenesia de ureter.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2013v34n4p1841

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