Methodologies for evaluation of ingestive behavior of heifers supplemented in grazing

Hermógenes Almeida de Santana Junior, Robério Rodrigues Silva, Gleidson Giordano Pinto Carvalho, Fabiano Ferreira Silva, Patrícia Barcelos Costa, Fabricio Bacelar Lima Mendes, Alyson Andrade Pinheiro, Elizangela Oliveira Cardoso Santana, George Abreu Filho, Geraldo Trindade Júnior


The study was conducted to compare different methodologies for evaluation of ingestive behavior of heifers supplemented in grazing. The experiment was conducted at Princesa do Mateiro farm, Ribeirao do Largo, Bahia. Were used 30 heifers with blood level 5/8 Guzera milk lineage and 3/8 Holstein, with an average of 18 months of age and body weight of 187 ± 13.1 kg. The treatments were: Duration of avaliation (24, 12 and eight hours) of observation intervals (10, 20 and 30 minutes); repetitions for observation (three, two and one) shifts of observation (two and one). The behavior evaluation was performed on day 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th of each period, then a total of four ratings. The percentage of grazing activity on the duration of 8h and 12h evaluation differed from the standard evaluation period of 24 hours (P<0.05). The duration of evaluation tests (8h and 12h) showed differences in duration of 24 hours to evaluate the percentages of rumination (P<0.05). As for the percentage of other activities, no difference was observed between duration evaluation and standard tests (P>0.05). For grazing time, rumination, feeding at the trough, other activities, total feeding and total chewing have not been verified statistical differences between the ranges of observations 20 and 30 minutes compared with 10 minutes (P<0.05). The duration of evaluation of 24 hours is recommended for evaluation of ingestive behavior in terms of nutritional and metabolic parameters, as other promote distortion of the data as a function of the intensity of activities throughout the day.


Bit; Cattle; Grazing; Intake; Methods.


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