Genetic parameters of performance traits in Sul-Mato-Grossenses naturalized sheep

Daniele Portela de Oliveira, Carlos Antonio Lopes de Oliveira, Elias Nunes Martins, Fernando Miranda Vargas Junior, Leonardo Oliveira Seno, Guilherme dos Santos Pinto, Aya Sasa, Marcos Barbosa-Ferreira



Estimates of genetic parameters are important to study characteristics that are to be included in a breeding program of a genetic group. The information of 594 weights from 211 lambs of a genetic group of naturalized Sul-mato-grossenses sheep belonging to Manoel de Barros Foundation and breeding at Centro Tecnologico de Ovinos from Anhanguera-Uniderp University was used. The estimation of variance components in unicaracter and bicaracter analysis were carried out through Bayesian inference. Estimates of heritability ranged from unicaracter analyses (0.22 to 0.47) and the bicaracter analyses (0.13 to 0.78). The maternal environmental permanent effect was higher in birth weight and average daily gain from birth to 50 days in 24.2% and 19.5%, respectively, in the observed variation. Estimates of heritability, maternal environmental permanent effect participation, phenotypic and genetic correlations indicate that selection for average daily gain from birth to 90 days would imply increases in weight at 50 days, weight at 90 days and average daily gain from 50 to 90 days of lambs with no significant increase in birth weight and average daily gain birth at 50 days.


Body weight; Correlation; Heritability; Local breeds.


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DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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