Seeding rates and seasons of cultivation on growth performance of cultivars of common bean

Marcos Gleidson Pereira dos Santos, Abner José de Carvalho, Andréia Márcia Santos de Souza David, Hugo Tiago Ribeiro Amaro, Neiva Maria Batista Vieira, Vanet Batista de Souza, José Eustáquio de Souza Carneiro


Seeding rates and seasons of cultivation on growth performance of cultivars of common bean While there are others aspects associated, such as climate, soil and crop management, the growth habit of the cultivar is one of the main factors involved in answer in gof common bean to sowing density. Thus, the use of appropriate seeding rate is critical to obtaining the best technological solutions that result inhigher grain yields in the common bean. With goal of estudy the effects of seeding density and seasons about yield of grains and primary components of yield of common bean cultivars, was conduced a experiment in the experimental farm of the UNIMONTES, in Janaúba, MG, in the dry seanson and winter season in the year of 2011. The treatments were arranged in factorial scheme 4x5, involving four cultivars of bean (Ouro Vermelho, Ouro Negro, Madrepérola e Manteigão Vermelho) and five seeding density (100, 200, 300, 400 e 500 thousand plants ha-1). In both seasons, the experimental design utilized was randomized complete block, with four replications. At harvest was evaluated the final stand, yield of grains e primary components (number of pods by plant, number of grain by pod and mass of hundred grains). It was realized joint analysis of data for seasons of growth, and the effects of sowing density were subjected to regression analysis, however the effects of cultivars were studied by Tukey test and seasons by F test at 1and 5%. With the exception of Ouro Negro, grown in the winter season, which the highest grain yield is obtained with sowing density around 300 thousand plants by hectare, the increase in density of seeding does not affect the yield of common bean under the conditions considered in this study. Irrespective of sowing density, the common bean cultivated in the dry season show a greater number of seeds by pod, greater average weight of hundred grains, than common bean grown in the winter season.


Techniques of yield; Phaseolus vulgaris L; Sowing density; Yield.


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