Anthelmintic action of Morinda citrifolia (noni) on Heterakis gallinarum

Danilo Rodrigues Barros Brito, Rozeverter Moreno Fernandes


The anthelmintic effect of Morinda citrifolia (noni) on Heterakis gallinarum was evaluated in chicken naturally infected. The anthelmintic activity in vitro was determined in adults helminthes in disposable petri dishes, containing Tyrode solution, pre warmed in which aqueous or ethanolic extracts were added. The material was maintained in a BOD at 37ºC (±1). The aqueous and ethanolic extracts presented the following concentrations: 1.69; 3.37; 6.74; 13.48 e 26.96 mg.mL-1 and 4.17; 8.34; 16.68; 33.36 e 66.72 mg.mL-1, respectively. It was used as positive control, a solution of tetrahidrate citrate of piperazin in the concentration of 50 mg/mL. The anthelmintic activity in vivo was determined by the administration of aqueous or ethanolic extracts (10 mL/Kg/PV) during three consecutive days. The feces were collected during four days in each group, washed in water and sifted. In the fifth day post-treatment, the chickens were slaughtered and necropsy was performed in order to count and identify remaining helminthes. The data were analyzed by the Student-Newman-Keuls test. In the in vivo test there was no significant difference between the aqueous extract and the control group (water) (p>0.05) in the elimination of H. gallinarum. The ethanolic extract presented an elimination of 20.35%, differing statistically from the control group (p<0.05). In the concentration of 26.96 mg.mL-1, for the in vitro test, the aqueous extract presented a mortality of 100%, the same obtained by piperazin (100%), differing statistically from the negative control (p<0.05). In the concentrations of 33.36 and 66.72 mg.mL-1, the ethanolic extract also presented a mortality of 100%, there was a significant statistical difference from the negative control (p<0,05). Noni fruit extracts manifested high anthelmintic activity in vitro, however, more studies are necessary with higher concentrations in the in vivo test.


Medicinal plants; Helminthology; Chicken.


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