Correlation between immunological profile and atypical lymphocytes in bovine leukemia virus infected dairy cows

Tatiana Rezende Spinola, Heloisa Godoi Bertagnon, Camila Freitas Batista, Fernando Nogueira Souza, Milton Ricardo Azedo, Maiara Garcia Blagitz, Fernando José Benesi, Alice Maria Melville Paiva Della Libera


This study aims to evaluate the atypical lymphocyte in Holstein dairy cows in seropositive animals for bovine leukemia virus (BLV) with or without persistent lymphocytosis and in seronegative BLV ones, and correlate them with apoptosis of cells CD5+ and lymphocyte proliferation. Thus, we selected 56 animals, and divided according to the white blood count and serological response for BLV performed by agar gel immunodiffusion and by enzyme immunoabsorbent assay in: negative (N, n=25), nonlymphocytic (AL, n=12) and with persistent lymphocytosis (PL, n=19). In these animals, the atypical lymphocyte was evaluated. 15 animals were selected, five for each group, and they were evaluated for correlation about atypical lymphocyte and lymphocyte proliferation or apoptosis of CD5+ cells. The results of this study showed that the absolute and relative values of atypical lymphocytes were higher in group PL. Regarding atypical lymphocytes, lymphocytes Gumprecht shadow, lymphocyte and monocytoid lymphocytes with dual core, were found in the three study groups, but more commonly found in animals infected with BLV especially in animals with PL. The apoptosis of CD5+ cells has a positive correlation with lymphocytes with dual core, which did not occur in other cell populations. The negative correlation between lymphocyte proliferation and monocytoid lymphocytes was observed, which did not occur in other cell populations. Therefore, the animals naturally infected BLV with PL may be associated with increased atypical lymphocytes of the type of shadow Gumprecht, lymphocyte and lymphocyte monocytoid dual-core.


Lymphocyte; Cattle; Persistent lymphocytosis; Apoptosis; Cell proliferation.


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