Empty body components of cows of Purunã breed slaughtered at different weights

Regis Luis Missio, João Restle, José Luis Moletta, Fernando Kuss, José Neuman Miranda Neiva, Fabrícia Rocha Chaves Miotto, Ivanor Nunes Prado, Denise Adelaide Gomes Elejalde, Daniel Perotto


The objective was to evaluate the empty body components of cull cows slaughtered at different weights. It was used 43 Purunã cull cows mean age of 68.02 ± 17.36 months. The experimental design used was the completely randomized. The slaughter weights studied were 401, 434, 461, 476 and 522 kg. Empty body weight and yield increased 65.16 g and 0.0253% for each kg increased in body weight, respectively. The increase slaughter weight promoted linear increase of the absolute amount of noncarcass components. The weight of the gastrointestinal tract increased to 9.61 g per kilogram over the weight of slaughter, not being changed by the independent variable when expressed as percentage of empty body. The absolute and relative weight of internal organs varied linearly positive and negative with increasing slaughter weight, respectively. The increase in slaughter weight resulted in a linear increase of the set of internal fat, both expressed in kg and percentage of empty body. The set of external components increased 8.6 g per kilogram of slaughter weight increase. The increase in slaughter weight above the minimum requirements by refrigerators reduces the efficiency of the production system, due to the increased proportion of non-carcass components.


Abomasum; Row hide; Liver; Rumen; Gastrointestinal tract.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2013v34n2p883

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