Use of slow release urea in the mineral supplementation of beef cattle Tifton-85 pasture

Wagner Paris, Renato Marchesan, Paulo Emílio Fernandes Prohmann, Luis Fernando Glasenapp de Menezes, Josinaldo Zanotti, Diego Vicente Hartmann


The present work to evaluate the effect of supplementation of urea release slow partial substitution of urea present in the common protein salt of heifers grazin Tifton-85 during the winter. The study was coducted in the period from May to September 2010. In an area of ??11.6 hectares of grazing Tifton-85 (Cynodon dactylon), divided into four paddocks of 2.9 acres, 36 heifers were kept testers (½ Red Angus ½ Nellore), treated as follows: Only mineralized salt (SM) protein salt with urea (SP); protein salt with 25% substitution of urea by slow degradation of urea (SPLD25) and protein salt with 50% substitution of urea by slow degradation of urea (SPLD50). There was no effect of different sources of supplementation on animal performance (P>0.05). However, differences were observed between the experimental periods, in consequence of the variation in chemical and structural composition of the forage.


Forage; Non-protein nitrogen; Animal nutrition.


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