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Resumo da Biografia I loo? afcter ? vape tore submission site annd h?w wi?l a cbd tincture m?ke mme feel we have had a listing fromm a vape shop ?n th? USA tha likewis? markets CBD products. ? Calendar month afterwar?s, PayPal ??s contacted use t? say t?at our aaccount h?s been limited and have asked uus to take away PayPal as a payment method from ?ur vape shop web directory. ?e do not offer for sale CBD products ?ike CBD oil. We ?olely provide promotion ?nd marketing services to CBD companies. I ha?e ttaken a look at Holland & Barrett-- the UK's ?op Health Retailer and if ?o? tak? a ?ood peek, y?u ?ill see th?t they offer for sale a comparatively wide-ranging stable ?f CBD items, ?rimarily CBD oil and they al?o happ?n t? t?ke PayPal aas ? settlement method.DSCF8732.jpg.800x800_q85.jpg ?t emerges that PayPal is aapplying twos sets ?f rules t? different companies. Because of this limitation, ? can no lomger accept PayPal ?n m? CBD-relate? internet site. Th?s has limited my payment options ?nd presently, ? am se?iously dependent ?n Cryptocurrency payments ?nd straightforward bank transfers. ? ha?e checked ?ith a lawyer from a Magoc Circle law office ?n London and th?y stated that w?at PayPal is doing iss comp?etely against tthe law aand discriminatory ?s itt s?ould ?e applying an uniform criterion to al? companies. I am yet to check wit? an additional attorney fom ? U? law firm inn Londron t? see wh?t PayPal's legal position Is CBD oil legal in Luxembourg in 2020? ?n t?e USA. ?eanwhile, I wou?d b? vewry appreciativve ?f anybody ?ere at ?ould provide m? with substitute paymet processors/merchants t??t deal with CBD companies.