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What you should and should not do while riding a motorcycle

You may hear or read somewhere about things not to do while riding a motorcycle, but it will not take much of your time to read through this post, there may be something new. 

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Let’s not wait any longer:

  1. Don’t drink alcohol, beers, take altering meds or other drugs, and get high and drive. Really don’t! I have lost a friend for this reason. He rode home after a beer with me. I suggested him to take a taxi home, but he said it was fine to drive home with only one glass. The worst thing came, he went up over the curb, hit the building, and died. Stimulants in general and alcohol, in particular, can depress your nervous system and slow down the reaction time. That delay seems harmless but it can cost your life.

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  1. Don’t ride with a bare head, put a motorbike helmet on. Many studies have shown that a helmet can help to make difference in hospital staying. There is no doubt about it. I am an example. I survive after a serious accident thanks to my gear.

  1. Avoid distraction: Riding on the urban street is so distracting. You can see people, or may be yourself on the phone while riding on their motorcycle. The phone increases the chance you are hit or hit something on the road. 

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  1. Don’t ride stupid and show off

My bike can outrun a supercar and wheelie, but I never do that on the city street. I ride calm and cool instead. You can do it when you are out in the country where the traffic is quiet enough. 

Don’t show off, too. Or else it will lead to two results, and unfortunately, both of them are not good. One, people will look at you as an unsafe morron. Two, you will end up with injuries, a broken bike, and/or embarrassment. 

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