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White Sox Edge Royals 2

por Berry Tabarez (2020-06-05)

page1-120px-Guantanamo_Bay_Gazette_--_20After a late rally at Kauffman Stadium on monday afternoon, the Chicago White Sox beat the Kansas City Royals 2-1 in 11 innings, snapping Kansas City's four-game winning streak.

19. Seattle Mariners - Are the Mariners to be able to contend in the AL To the west? I think they are short a whole lot of pieces, but who knows what their GM believes after holding onto so many veterans in the trade payment date.

17. Texas Angels - The Angels are pinning their hopes on a balanced Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton acquiring comfortable with his new surroundings, but those guys aren't getting any younger.

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Sergio Santos emerged mainly because the closer with set up help from Matt Thorton and Jesse Crain. ace333 game and Brian Bruney are also reliable arms in the bullpen.

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As frustrated as Ozzie may be, he feels before getting because the moves served by the front office dictate that his team shouldn't rank on the list of league's average, but instead the league's elite. For your organization's sake, lets hope the Sox don't "suck" in 2nd half of the year.