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Some Functions of The Wordpress Platform You Most Likely Don't Know

por Marjorie Gooseberry (2020-05-31)

wordcampvictoria-110122121803-phpapp01-tWordPress is a popular blogging system that's being used by lots of people around the world. It is famous due to its great features, flexibility, and a big community of web designers and coders. Although the system itself is quite basic, when you install plug-ins, apps, and templates it becomes an effective and impressive tool that could turn your niche website into a leading online resource.

Many people are not aware of the fact that WordPress can serve several other functions as well. Let's have a close look at five benefits of using WordPress that many individuals haven't heard of:


Undoubtedly, WordPress is among the leading platforms for blogging, but it may also be used for UGC (user generated content) driven websites. There are certain programs that have been created specifically in order to handle UGC. Today an increasing number of users are utilizing WordPress for this purpose. The key reason is that it allows them to maintain an elegant design and a beautiful interface.

Private Coaching

WordPress can also be used by online instructors for offering group training. If you're an established designer, digital photographer, artist, or an internet marketing guru, who is thinking about sharing his / her knowledge with other people, you can easily make it happen using WP.

Help Desk

Only few people are aware that they can use WordPress as a help desk. It's possible to quickly create an effective ticket system making it possible for customers to contact you for complex issues or support. This solution is ideal for hosting companies, stores, web site designers, training academies, mobile app developers, among others. There are many plug-ins and scripts that can transform any WordPress installation into a highly effective customer relationship management system.

Businesses can also establish a knowledge base containing 100s of frequently asked questions, enabling people to understand more about their common difficulties and resolve most of them easily without having to start support tickets. Some apps can even convert a support ticket into a knowledgebase article at a mere click of a mouse.

Article Directory

If you wish to build your content directory but can't do so because of the cost, you should think of utilizing WordPress to do this. This is a totally free program that allows you to set up your article directory easily and quickly without any headaches. You may make your directory as huge as you wish.

E-commerce shop

There are many extensions that can help you in integrating state-of-the-art storefronts into your WordPress site. By using this method you can sell off your services or products online without the need to learn about a new software program. There are various benefits of this option. The best one is that plug-ins usually require just one-time nominal fees with no recurring expenses.

These are just a few potential users that you can check out when using WordPress. If you have an effective blog or a site, then it may be a good option to add some of these functions to your site. It'll considerably increase your site visitors, theme premium profits and conversions.

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