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Hot 97'S Dj Megatron Shot And Killed In Staten Island

por Julian Ballou (2020-11-13)

49788067712_f7cd1ce7d1.jpgUnivision has announced that Bernardo will be joining Spanish Tropical WXNY (96.3 FM) for scr8888 download on-air work. He has served as on-air talent and programmer at several stations in the northeast including, scr888 win tips most recently, WBON (98.5 FM) on New york.

Jeff - I think life experience and simply fact which i hear the song even before I start creating it in the studio while using sounds and the equipment. I'm just inspired by life experience positive things and bad stuff and passion and i try set my heart and [Redirect Only] soul into every.

Zane: scr888 iphone 6 Yeah, we are not ready yet and we proclaimed, "No we are not ready," and they will said, "Well lets release it just to make some funds." Now are generally three basic people writing reviews saying, scr888 under maintenance 'Well effectively much better from their debut EP," well we did n't need that reading. Our drummer Jon had only experienced the band for a week and a half. I wouldn't of even called it an EP but they wanted so that you.

Limousine companies are maintaining up light and portable latest trends, car models and technology here. That is why usually all of the vehicles have new technologies. They have the satellite radio, DVD player and professional audio system installed. However, don't be dependent on the limo driver's taste! He is the one usually that plays his CDs ultimately limo. You don't want to upwards listening to some pop station like 918kiss member login if you won't like that kind of melody. Make sure you mix a CD of music of your taste or bring your iPod along with you. This way you will have adequate music to last the whole ride and make you entertained while making the rounds the downtown to you favorite icon.

Zane: Our live shows are so varied because we have so numerous things we in order to dive in accordance with. A song like "Testify" is literally the four of us live, that's what the recording is. Only then do we have other songs like "There She Goes".

Jeff - There is tons of talent from Ohio especially actors and actresses. There are a bunch tons of talented individuals in Las vegas. I think there is nothing else to engage in. I mean you watch TV all the time and you listen into the radio; your going drinking on your friends. That's about all there is to do in Ohio. Required have the beach an individual don't provide all these clubs, all this crazy stuff to do like serious out the east coast or free airline coast. So i think people just involving dream about being famous and living the dream as a singer or an actor.

But, as previously alluded too, he's finally found the a person to put together the 3rd installment of his most highly praised mixtape franchise, BIFC. The name says it all, considering that primary premise of these projects should be to highlight the latest Hip Hop acts on the come up - the ones born and bred the particular 216 area code. E-V's brand helps push these projects far and wide, gaining required exposure and visibility for the plethora of talented emcees in neighborhood Hip Hop scene. Judging from the roster of affiliations into his mixtape catalog (Chip Tha Ripper, Kid Cudi, MGK, Ray Junior., etc.) E-V either has an uncanny ability to obtain who's "hot" and visit on board, or an ability to to predict who's "next" and create a platform for exposure. The smart vehicle it's probably a small both.

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