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How to Write a Love Letter from the Heart

por Sheila Bunning (2020-10-23)

id="mod_980398">Why Send a Love Letter?

Ah, new love! Nothing like the feelings of butterflies in your stomach when your beloved walks up to you and gives you an embrace! Maybe you are lucky enough to have a romantic partner who showers you not only with affection and attention, but also pours his or her heart out in sweet love letters to you. I have a box hidden somewhere in a closet with some of the most endearing notes from earlier loves of my life. Nothing like reading such treasures (current or past) to boost your ego and stir your soul.

Don't let your end with the excitement of a new relationship, however! You can continue to stoke the fires of your love life with letters from the heart, at any time and any stage. Who cares if you've been married for many years? So what if you're 68 years old? Women and men both love to be loved - and what better way to show your emotions than to write it down in a special, meaningful way?

Emails can work in a pinch - and let's face it, your lover's heart will leap with delight when the subject line pops up in the middle of the day. But, for true, long lasting impact, get out some stationary, or a greeting card and let's write a love letter from the heart!