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Exactly what I wanted

por Freya Baltzell (2020-10-21)

These sports pinnies were a great addition to our club soccer practice gear. I was a little worried as to how well the sizing would be because there is only youth and adult. I ordered the adult size and I want to make sure others know exactly what to expect with the sizing. We use these for west ham jersey u-14 through U16. Our smallest girl is about 100 pounds and it is not to big for her to wear. I can also wear these at 185 pounds. this is about as far as I would say they would be able to fit. Any larger of a person and it would more than likely be too small.
These pennies were perfect for ordinary adults, albeit a bit on the sort size. For a little heavier adults, they fit, but perhaps a little more snug than you would like. Generally soccer players are not "heavier" so I wouldn't expect this to be a typical problem for most. Overall, excellent purchase. I wish there were like 15 per package, that would give you a few extras for the subs when playing 12 man sports.
These pinnies have a nice fit. The neck and sleeves are open just enough to make them comfortable. They are not sloppy and falling off due to neck and sleeves being to large. I also like that the bottoms are open without any elastic that would cause them to ride up. The mesh that is used in these pinnies is very lightweight. A dozen of these takes up a very minimal amount in any bag. The mesh will allow great airflow so these are not going to be hot and uncomfortable on the really warm days of summer. The green color is more of a highlighter color than a green.

football-soccer-club-logo-design-illustrI did not receive any discount, free products, or compensation of these pinnies. These work very well and our a great buy for any team that needs to have scrimmages against each other. These would also be great for any other sport that wants to make quick teams.