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And particularly when you're trying to make a joke. 6) Don't try to be ironic or sarcastic

As a medium of communication, the Internet leaves much to be desired. It's just too easy to be misunderstood, especially when making off-the-cuff comments in response to other people's posts.

Perhaps their guard is down because Facebook feels like a private network, especially if you've made your profile private (see the next tip for more on preventing strangers from viewing your Facebook profile). Of course, this advice flies in the face of the Facebook click-jerk response mechanism: people tend to click as an emotional response to the things their friends post.

Scroll to Profile and Tagging and click Edit Settings. The options are described under "See your profile as other see it" in "Five-minute Facebook security checkup."

To access Facebook's Profile and Tagging controls, click the down arrow next to Home in the top-right corner of the main window and choose Privacy Settings.

Moved by the threat to one of the UK's last paddle steamers, the Waverley, which was built in 1946, they gave £100,000 to help save the ailing vessel and part-fund its refit.

Earlier this year Facebook added the ability to review the photos friends tag you in before they're posted. 7) Don't let friends tag you in embarrassing or unflattering photos

In June 2011 I described how to remove embarrassing YouTube videos and untag Facebook photos.

In November, a month before he died, his company Three Black Cats Ltd, which is listed as having £5 million in the bank, acquired a 55 per cent shareholding in the club so he could donate it to the fans and put Partick Thistle's future in the hands of the local community.

For those in the world of politics, he was also the SNP supporter who contributed millions to his party and the Yes Scotland pro-independence campaign in 2014 which ended in failure.

Most Facebook users update their status only a couple times a month or not at all, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project. In fact, one in six Facebook users has never posted a status update. id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body">

People use Facebook in very different ways.

The best way to avoid falling for a fake Facebook post is to search for corroborating information about the post's topic before you like, comment, or share. The general rule of wishful thinking applies: the more you want to believe the post, the less likely it is legitimate. Facebook scams will only proliferate and get more clever as the service's popularity increases.

3) Don't over-share personal information

Last Friday a Facebook friend sent me a message following an unpleasant exchange he had in a Facebook forum. My friend was concerned that the person would contact his employer. Someone my friend didn't know took offense at something he said and then found out where he worked by accessing his public Facebook profile.

In the first year after the cash bonanza, they spent £5million buying houses for close friends and setting up bursaries for talented youngsters - as well as giving donations to the local football team, nursing home and sports centre.

Then again, you could reserve your professional social networking to LinkedIn, which is tailored to your work life. A safer approach is to maintain separate Facebook accounts for your professional and private lives.

I cringed when I read about the person who stated in a status update that she hated her job and her boss but forgot that she had friended her boss, who fired her in his comment. Being unclear on the Facebook concept leads to some embarrassing moments, such as those described on Website



Operating Systems




Internet Explorer




Notification on

Notification off

How to

I know it's all bull. And it's a small part so the trailer they give you is basically like an extended Port-a-Potty. So I'm standing in there and then knock, knock, knock at the door.

Screenshot by Dennis O'Reilly/CNET

Three of Van Vleck's points bear repeating: jokes often fall flat online because they depend on tone of voice; even when you add a smiley or "just kidding" qualifier, someone will take your attempt at sarcasm or irony literally and be righteously offended; and when you're angry, walk away from the keyboard -- once you're thinking clearly you'll see that there's almost always a better way to get your point across.

Software engineer Tom Van Vleck composed his seven rules of online behavior in the early days of the Internet, but they apply more broadly today than when they were created.

Mr Weir, who owned shares worth £272,000 in the club, also helped set up the Thistle Weir Youth Academy and a section of Firhill Stadium was named the Colin Weir Stand. His soft spot, however, was his beloved Partick Thistle FC.

A £2.5 million investment shortly after his win was followed up later with more financial backing.

The couple, who gave away a third of their winnings, initially used some of their windfall to buy a £4.5million flat in Fulham, west London, close to his beloved Chelsea Football Club's Stamford Bridge stadium.

A third added: '£10,000 for a suite, £1,000 for flowers, £75 for afternoon tea & £25 a drink! Yep safe to say 100 per cent even if I win lotto, I will never be going to the savoy!'

, which pays homage to bad movies that are fun to watch. But as I listen to the New York native's rapid-fire take on his latest flick, Slice, I can only think about his job co-hosting the podcast How Did This Get Made?

One of the most humiliating things in the world is getting fired, right?
Scheer: All right, I will tell you this story. But I looked for you in the movie and didn't see you. I'm going to own that. And I think it's even more humiliating getting fired on a movie and everyone sees it.

A third added: 'These CCTV security pillars and cameras are unsightly and inappropriate for the landscape of an AONB. They compromise people's privacy when walking on footpaths.' 

£101m EuroMillions winner's son who... £101m EuroMillions lotto winner accused by ex-husband of...

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Now the couple face further anguish after half a dozen local residents objected to their bid to keep the CCTV cameras including thermal imaging and warning speakers at their six-bedroom manor house. You won't get a penny!





Couple who won £101m Euromillions jackpot were tied up and...I got into podcasting before it became a thing.
Scheer: I've been very lucky in that I've gotten into things before they have really taken off. Part of the success of your Human Giant comedy sketch series was because of its distribution on YouTube. Could that happen today, given how the culture's changed? I got into UCB before they became this gigantic 3,000- to 5,000-student organization. And you know, with Human Giant, we were just making these sketches and our whole thing was we wanted to make more cinematic sketches. And now that's kind of been what sketch comedy has become.

A section of Firhill Stadium was named the Colin Weir Stand (above)" class="blkBorder img-share" style="max-width:100%" />

Mr Weir gave Partick Thistle FC a £2.5 million investment shortly after his win and more financial backing.

A section of Firhill Stadium was named the Colin Weir Stand (above)

"Whenever I go on a vacation to an Airbnb, I have to reset the televisions in there because they're not calibrated correctly," says Scheer. "It's the nerdiest thing I do." 

Josh had booked the £10,000-a-night room and treated his girlfriend with afternoon tea in the Thames Foyer while staff prepared the suite with candles, rose petals and balloons.

Granted, an overflowing inbox is not usually a serious threat to a Facebook user's quality of life, but consider the time you'll save by not having to delete or scroll through pointless notifications to get to your important messages. Doesn't Facebook already eat up enough of your spare time?

The four-part production offers audiences at home a glimpse of one of London's grandest hotels, which has 37 rooms starting from £1,500 a night to £18,000.

Considering that you probably check your Facebook account at least a couple of times a day on average, do you really need Facebook to send you e-mail notifications each time one of your friends posts something?

Asked why he failed to bring one, he said he bought flowers instead as he knew she loved them.

And he told the court: 'What do you give someone who has everything?' Tempers flared during the party and father and son rowed about money.

And I'm walking out, backpack over my shoulder like a sad Incredible Hulk or something, like my life will never been the same. And this other guy comes up to me like, "Hey, hey, where you going man?"

As CNET's Zack Whittaker reported, the French government's data-protection agency determined that no breach of private data occurred. 8) Don't send private messages via wall posts

Last September Facebook users in France thought their private messages were appearing on people's timelines.

I sent him a link to a post from last August titled "Five-minute Facebook security checkup" that describes how to tweak Facebook's privacy settings and how to view your profile as the public views it.But in 2017 the couple were forced to go to court when his son - Afghanistan veteran Michael, 32 - accused his father of being 'ungenerous in spirit' after he cut him out of a will.

David, 56, was struck in the face and he and Angela, 52, were bound using cable ties.

The robbers fled with jewellery and around £20,000 cash in the couple's Range Rover.

Planners at Rother District Council are expected to make a decision next month" class="blkBorder img-share" />
The Dawes need consent for the cameras because their home (pictured) is Grade II listed and lies in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Planners at Rother District Council are expected to make a decision next month

Slovakia's Peter Sagan, left, who originally came in second place, but was disqualified for a clash with Belgium's Wout Van Aert, right, races to the finish line of stage 11 of the Tour de France cycling race over 167.5 kilometers from Chatelaillon-Plage to Poitiers Wednesday, Sept.

9, 2020.(Thibault Camus/Pool)

9, 2020.(Thibault Camus/Pool)" class="blkBorder img-share" style="max-width:100%" />

Enlarge Image

Slice, featuring Scheer and Chance The Rapper, "is so weird I don't think you've seen anything like it," says Scheer. The movie is being released this week.

Facebook ranking would climb with new ComScore system

In addition, the advertiser can then post content to your news feed and send you messages.

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Facebook opens vote on policy changes, addresses privacy concerns

Getting started with Facebook Photo Sync on Android, iPhone

Friday Poll: Has Facebook jumped the shark? The connection may also be shared with third-party apps. Facebook points out that you can unlike most ads right away and control your connections via your profile and privacy settings (see #3 above for instructions on tweaking your Facebook privacy settings).You got fired because the director's really superstitious and he wanted to put the guy who does sound in his movie. And he realized when he saw you, that he didn't put the guy who did sound in the movie."

"Here's the deal man.

The agency concluded that the messages were in fact Wall-to-Wall posts that the Facebook users may have thought were sent as private messages. It seems many people simply can't distinguish wall posts, status updates, and messages.

Bennett and Sagan have been locked in a tight duel for that prize, repeatedly taking the jersey off each other. Sagan has a record seven green jersey titles from previous Tours but is now seeing Bennett get away from him, 68 points clear with few other opportunities for sprinters to shine before the final dash on the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Sept.


So then I started taking classes in high school and I would lie and tell everyone I was in college. The thing that outed me the most was -- I'm a freshman or sophomore in high school -- and I'm taking these classes with people who are in their late 20s, early 30s. One person lit a joint after class, and I was like, "Oh, did you see that guy, he lit a joint!"

In the second episode of The Savoy, which aired last night, guest Josh booked the £10,000-a-night Savoy Suite to pop the question to his partner Sarah, who thankfully said yes.

(Thibault Camus/Pool)" class="blkBorder img-share" />
Australia's Caleb Ewan, right, races to the finish line to win stage 11 of the Tour de France cycling race over 167.5 kilometers from Chatelaillon-Plage to Poitiers Wednesday, Sept.

9, 2020. More AP sports: website and website

Statcrunch survey, women Facebook users visit the site an average of 8.2 times each day, and men 7.8 times per day. The median number of daily visits is four times for women and three times for men, which indicates some people open their Facebook account dozens of times a day, while many others rarely do so.

It culminates with me getting this really dramatic part in a movie where they're layering on human skin, but it's like dripping off and it's this terrible thing. So I do this extensive plastic surgery to redo my entire face. And the first day back, they're like, "The show is canceled." And then the whole sketch is me trying to find work as a person who looks like a Klingon. I look like this crazy Klingon.

On Thursday, the remaining 161 riders will tackle the longest stage of this year´s route, a hilly 218-kilometer (135-mile) trek from Chauvigny to Sarran. That will be followed Friday by an even tougher stage with a sharp mountain-top finish that could prompt battles between the top contenders.

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Slice is 'ridiculously hard' to describe


Here's an edited transcript of our conversation.I saw you credited in a movie I like that could make the list of candidates for How Did This Get Made? You actually like that movie?  It's called Meet Dave, and it stars Eddie Murphy.
Scheer: You like that movie.

You've said discovering improv and the Upright Citizens Brigade changed your life. My dad and I would go into New York City and see Broadway shows. I grew up in New York.
Scheer: When I was in high school, I started trying to figure out what I could do. And just to see the idea of improv -- "They're making it up as they go!" -- it blew my mind.  I was like, "That's what I want to do because I don't have to memorize anything!"

This one off-Broadway thing was Chicago City Limits.

The robbers fled with jewellery and around £20,000 cash in the couple's Range Rover, which was found burnt out several days later" class="blkBorder img-share" style="max-width:100%" />

The robbers at the £4m estate (above) struck David, 56, in the face - then bound him and Angela using cable ties.

The robbers fled with jewellery and around £20,000 cash in the couple's Range Rover, which was found burnt out several days later 

Australia's Caleb Ewan, right, goes to wheel to wheel with Ireland's Sam Bennett as he races to the finish line to win stage 11 of the Tour de France cycling race over 167.5 kilometers from Chatelaillon-Plage to Poitiers Wednesday, Sept.

9, 2020. (Thibault Camus/Pool)

David and Angela Dawes, who became Britain's seventh biggest winners when they landed the top prize in 2011, put up seven cameras without permission at their mansion once owned in the 1960s by Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdinck.

A retrospective planning application lodged at the local council revealed that the couple wanted to beef up security after they were attacked by raiders at their sprawling estate.

Select Notifications in the left pane, click Edit next to Email, choose "Only notifications about your account, security and privacy," and click Close. To adjust the frequency of Facebook notifications, click the down arrow next to Home in the top-right corner of the main Facebook window and choose Account Settings.

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body">

You might know comedian, actor and writer Paul Scheer for his award-winning role on HBO's series Veep. Or maybe you know him as Dr. Andre Nowzick in FX's The League, about fantasy football fans.

Slovakia's Peter Sagan, left, who originally came in second place, but was disqualified for a clash with Belgium's Wout Van Aert, second right, cross the finish line of stage 11 of the Tour de France cycling race over 167.5 kilometers from Chatelaillon-Plage to Poitiers Wednesday, Sept.

9, 2020.(Thibault Camus/Pool)

10) Don't let Facebook track you

When it was revealed last year that Facebook was tracking users even after they sign out of their account, the company's response was "trust us," as CNET's Chris Matyszczyk reported in the Technically Incorrect blog.

And I'm like, "Alright, what's up?" He's like, "So, this is the toughest part of the job, but we're going to have to let you go." And I'm like, "What?"

"Can I talk to you for a second?" I'm like, "Sure." He walks me back but the room is so small I'm like straddling a toilet. Door opens and it's this producer.

(Christophe Petit-Tesson/Pool via AP)" class="blkBorder img-share" style="max-width:100%" />

Australia's Caleb Ewan celebrates after crossing the finish line to win stage 11 of the Tour de France cycling race over 167.5 kilometers from Chatelaillon-Plage to Poitiers Wednesday, Sept.

9, 2020.

(Christophe Petit-Tesson/Pool via AP)" class="blkBorder img-share" style="max-width:100%" />

Australia's Caleb Ewan celebrates after crossing the finish line to win stage 11 of the Tour de France cycling race over 167.5 kilometers from Chatelaillon-Plage to Poitiers Wednesday, Sept.

9, 2020.

Despite years of warnings that's it's not sustainable, why is growth still held up as the only metric worth pursuing?

In August 2012, the couple paid a five-figure sum for a new prosthetic limb for 13-year-old Kieran Maxwell from Heighington, County Durham, who had lost part of his leg to a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Select "No one" on the drop-down menu under "Ads and friends" to opt out of participating in Facebook's social-ads program. To manage the posts you receive from a friend, use the inline audience selector that appears when you hover over a post and click the down arrow in the post's top-right corner.
Screenshot by Dennis O'Reilly/CNET

Note that this setting won't block your friends' ad likes from appearing on your news feed.

But in one of four letters of support, one neighbour wrote: 'My family and I wholeheartedly support the CCTV cameras.

We have lived on the drive for a very long time and have never felt safer.Read Lance Whitney's take on Facebook's View Tags program and other new features planned by the company on the Internet & Media blog.

A post from last May titled "Limit your participation in Facebook social ads" described the social-ad opt-out options in Facebook's privacy settings. Here are the steps in a nutshell:

A post I wrote in June 2011 gives step-by-step instructions for disabling third-party cookies in IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Cookie management becomes even more important as Facebook prepares its View Tags tracking program for advertisers, as Josh Constine explains on TechCrunch.

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The couple were then taken on a tour, with Sarah having 'no inkling' about the proposal heading her way.





Mi, a mask I wear myself! From being naked in public... Sound Of Music stars who played... What do your dreams REALLY mean?

A guest at The Savoy has stunned viewers after ITV's fly-on-the-wall documentary captured him proposing to his girlfriend in a suite that cost an eye-watering £10,000.

Look for ways to help users create value because if they're making money off your platform, they're going to be even more committed to staying with you, and communicate with your shareholders and explain to them that this is a long-term play and a long-term play is not bad, especially if you want to live a long time. Why not balance your portfolio with some actual things that make money instead of all things that just explode? Make all your employees owners of the company. I would say, start delivering dividends to your shareholders today.

Sagan's relegation also cost him dearly in his hunt for the Tour's green jersey, awarded to riders who collect the most points in sprints along the route and at finishes.

Losing second place cost Sagan 30 points and awarded them instead to Bennett.

This is especially true for people whose Facebook profile reveals personal details to strangers. As many Facebook users quickly learn, the social network is not without its risks. You owe it to your friends and to yourself to prevent your Facebook activities from having any negative consequences.

And then the director just like leaves. I know something has gone wrong. How could I mess up one line? And I'm on this platform that's like six feet off the ground, and I know it's not right. I don't know what to do.

So I was doing Chicago City Limits and we'd tour around and we'd have fun. But then when I saw Upright Citizens Brigade. Because they were doing their shows in like the back of a bar on a Sunday night. The audience gives us the answer, we come up with the question. I kept that charade for a while. It was a free show and what they were saying and doing was so out of the realm of anything that I'd ever seen. We were doing puns, like every time this bell rings you'll change your word, or play Jeopardy. It was -- and I know it's an overused expression that I hate using -- but it was punk rock or something like that. And UCB were like on one word for 40 minutes [and they'd] just improvise this amazing tableau.In the race for the overall win, Primoz Roglic stayed safe on the rolling ride to Poitiers to keep the race leader's yellow jersey.
The 167-kilometer (104-mile) stage started on France´s Atlantic coast.

Eddie Murphy, like I said, someone who I've idolized, I love. And the set is like a big green screen and a raised platform. And I get there and they bring me to set.

Both of my movies defy literal logical definitions.

So I go to set. And the director brings me over to the platform. So I'm so excited to be there. I asked what the CGI is."

I'm going to be in an Eddie Murphy movie. And he goes, "I don't know man. It's a ship." And I go "Oh, oh, cool, cool." And it's one of my first parts, so I go, "I'm an idiot. And I say to him "So what do I need to know?" Because it's all green screen, you know.

I had intense facial makeup on and I would go to set before anyone else.
Scheer: I was an actor on a show that was like Battlestar Galactica or Star Trek. And then every day, everyone would leave the set and I would just be in that makeup chair getting it all off. And I was this alien -- I was like this Klingon alien. This show's going to be super successful. Any favorite sketches? I need to get this grafted onto my actual skin so I don't have to be in the makeup chair all the time."

And I was like, "You know what?

You may also appear on the vendor's page and in ads about the page. As the Facebook Help Center explains, each time you like a Facebook ad, the connection is shown in your timeline. 5) Don't become an unpaid product promoter (unless you want to)

When one of your friends likes a Facebook ad, a post to that effect may appear in your news feed.

It sounds like a lot of fun, and we're hoping we get to try it out sometime soon. At this point in time, though, the app is in beta, and limited to iOS in the UK.

When we were able to launch our stuff on YouTube and on Funny or Die, we were just like one of thousands instead of one of millions. I feel like it has allowed us to kind of get to the front of the line because we had higher production values and we had some recognizable faces at certain points too.

Scheer also talked about being fired from a movie starring his idol Eddie Murphy, and why he carries detailed instructions on his phone so he can change the contrast and motion blur levels on the TVs when he's vacationing. And showing what a good sport he is, Scheer did his first product unboxing with his favorite toy, Teddy Ruxpin -- and let us shatter some of his memories.

And there's the reboot of the 1999 sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest he's writing and will star in. He's also set to star as the father of a teen girl, in Summer '03, who's trying to make sense of her grandmother's dying wisdom.
Slice is just one of a few new projects Scheer is working on. Scheer says the Amazon series will spin the story around stars at the height of their popularity in sci-fi and action movies. 

(AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

(AP Photo/Christophe Ena)" class="blkBorder img-share" />
France's Matthieu Ladagnous rides during the eleventh stage of the Tour de France cycling race over 167 kilometers (104 miles), with start in Chatelaillon-Plage and finish in Poitiers, Wednesday, Sept.

9, 2020.

Slovenia's Primoz Roglic wearing the overall leader's yellow jersey stands on the podium after stage 11 of the Tour de France cycling race over 167.5 kilometers from Chatelaillon-Plage to Poitiers Wednesday, Sept.

9, 2020. (Tim De Waele/Pool via AP)

Following the first episode, viewers slammed the management at The Savoy for their 'rude' treatment of staff after insisting the hotel's new fly-on-the-wall documentary was 'not a good PR move'.

There was also a significant stake of around £400,000 in tax-advantage Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), where individuals can buy into small and medium companies for generous tax relief.

Long story short, the comedy-horror thriller is about someone or something killing pizza delivery people in a spooky town. Here's just a taste of how Scheer described Slice during a Live@CNET Q&A at our San Francisco headquarters last month:

The pack rides during the eleventh stage of the Tour de France cycling race over 167 kilometers (104 miles), with start in Chatelaillon-Plage and finish in Poitiers, Wednesday, Sept.

9, 2020. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

(AP Photo/Christophe Ena)" class="blkBorder img-share" style="max-width:100%" />

Chance The Rapper

It was Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts and Matt Besser. But they were often joined by Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch and Adam McKay. And then I got to take classes with them and just kind of find my footing there.

Of Traces, he added, "Instead of reading tweets in a random location you can choose the location to add context to your delivery."

"Facebook and WhatsApp broadcast frequent, out-of-context information that's of very little value to you, leaving you a completely passive receiver," Beau Lotto of San Francisco-based developer Ripple Inc told New Scientist.

What could you use it for? A scavenger hunt for a friend, or a piece of music to cheer them up on their way home from work, or a note about a particular cafe, or even a location-based reminder to take out your garbage bins or buy cat food.

Slovakia's Peter Sagan, left, who originally came in second place, but was disqualified for a clash with Belgium's Wout Van Aert, right, races to the finish line of stage 11 of the Tour de France cycling race over 167.5 kilometers from Chatelaillon-Plage to Poitiers Wednesday, Sept.

9, 2020.(Thibault Camus/Pool)

And so the werewolf comes back to try and suss out what happened in the past. He worked for a Chinese food delivery place.
"I run this pizza place and my pizza delivery boys and girls are getting killed by what we think is a ghost. But we learn that it might be something more suspect because a werewolf that also lives in this town was also framed for something similar many years ago.

The post also explained how to set Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome to delete cookies and other trackable information automatically when you close the programs. In a post from August 2011 titled "Five ways to avoid being tracked on the Web," I described several browser add-ons that let you allow or delete ads and tracking cookies on a site-by-site basis.

(Think Tim Burton meets John Waters, he says.) The film was released on five streaming services, including Amazon and iTunes, on Tuesday. That's because it's easy to imagine Slice, which co-stars Chance The Rapper in his film debut, getting its own episode of HDTGM based on Scheer's two-minute long recap of the movie plot. I haven't seen the film yet but can't stop laughing at the fun and weird plot that even Scheer says is the hardest movie ever to describe.

Michael was tasked with hosting a private cocktail party for returning guests motor industry boss Damien Cuming and his wife Jacqueline, from Cambridgeshire, in their £1,500-a-night suite.

What's happening is that we're using technologies that give us instant gratification and instant feedback, and we expect to be able to get that instant return on our investment. It's like we're justifiably angry, but we also have unreasonable expectations.

Users can choose a name from their list of contacts, then drop a pin containing their message on a map, as well as how long they want the message to be available for. Traces can be sent to no more than five people at a time, and receivers can re-post Traces.

In March 2011 CNET's Don Reisinger reported on a Harris Interactive survey that found 18 percent of men accepted a social-network friend request from an unknown woman, 7 percent of women accepted a friend request from an unknown man, and 5 percent of all social-network users accept any friend request. Most of us are more circumspect, to varying degrees.

A lifelong supporter of Partick Thistle Football Club, Mr Weir also acquired a 55 per cent shareholding in the company a month before his death so he could donate it to the fans and put its future in the hands of the local community.

Mr Weir also made other smart investments, including assets in the tax haven of the Isle of Man of around £3.5 million and a varied share portfolio of more than £12.3 million, which featured stakes in global names such as Microsoft (£20,368), Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (£19,230), Estée Lauder (£19,813), Tesco (£19,562), AG Barr, creators of Irn-Bru (£10,040) and bakery chain Greggs (£22,950).

Mr Weir said that instead of distancing themselves from the rest of the world, the couple, who lived in a three-bedroom detached bungalow in the seaside town of Largs, North Ayrshire, would use their winnings to bring themselves closer to people.

Reaction: Twitter users were left stunned with the cost, with one person writing: 'Did they just say £10,000 a night then? Tell me I misheard, please!'" class="blkBorder img-share" style="max-width:100%" />
His latest book, "Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus," is built around the preface that: "The digital economy has gone wrong. Everybody knows it, but no one knows quite how to fix it, or even how to explain the problem." As an example, he cites protests over the fleets of private shuttle buses that ferry employees of Google and other technology companies to their Silicon Valley offices.In case of sudden emergencies, he also kept a petty cash box in the property, which contained a handy £263.90.

A TV cameraman before his lucky win, he apparently still received a pension and when he died, the Department of Work and Pensions owed him arrears of £679.80.

Following a late brawl, PSG's Neymar, Leandro Paredes and Layvin Kurzawa were all dismissed, while Jordan Amavi and Dario Benedetto were sent off for Marseille.

Neymar accused Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez of racism after punching him.

They share the details of their lives liberally with anyone who cares to listen. Lots of folks consider their Facebook profile an open book. 4) Don't friend strangers

As I mentioned above, people use Facebook in very different ways.

Villas-Boas' team managed to prevail courtesy of a goal from Florian Thauvin in the 31st minute and the game ended in dramatic fashion with five players sent off in the closing stages.

The conversation is out there. There's people lying in front of the Google bus as we speak. It's dangerous out there, but we're having the conversation. Yeah, there's going to be casualties like that girl, because not everyone is capable of having these conversations without getting really tarred and feathered. I have hope, because a digital age makes all of these inequities so much more transparent.

In a letter to the council, one wrote: 'As a regular walker along the public footpath where these cameras are positioned, I find it intrusive and mildly threatening to be filmed whilst merely walking in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

This is the revenge of Wall Street for 1999. It's different than the dot-com boom, in that the dot-com boom was a bunch of investors being fooled by developers and technologists, and this is a bunch of developers and technologists being fooled by investors.

PSG confirm £1m loan capture of Roma defender Alessandro... 'The King is BACK!': Neymar ends £78.6m Nike partnership...

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After the game Villas-Boas pointed out PSG's lack of success in the Champions League despite the immense amount of money they have spent. 





Neymar among FIVE players sent off in just 180 seconds in... Kylian Mbappe 'tells PSG he will leave next summer' as...

It was silent but not deadly."

James Martin/CNET

[Deepens his voices] "Sir, we had a gas leak.

He has a lead of 21 seconds over second-placed Egan Bernal, last year´s champion, and is 28 seconds ahead of third-placed French rider Guillaume Martin. The last week and a half of the Tour will see riders who are chasing the overall title fighting to dislodge Roglic.

1) Don't friend your coworkers

Everybody knows you have to keep your work life and private life separate, yet people's Facebook friends lists often bridge the two worlds. You can create a separate group for work friends and post accordingly, but the possibility of an unflattering post circulating at your workplace makes this an iffy proposition.Here's my smock with the buttocks on it." And then he leaves. I felt like my whole career was over.
James Martin/CNET

"Yeah, the director just had some problems with your performance." And I'm like, "Oh, OK." And he's like, "We're going to need your costume back." And he literally takes the costume off my back. I'm in the trailer and I'm like, "Here it is. My first big movie and I'm fired from it, from one line.

What do you make of this dust-up the other week about the Yelp employee who wrote an open letter to the CEO over the issue of living wages in San Francisco? Does it speak to a lot of the themes that you're writing about here?

Alan Noble, Head of Engineering for Google Australia and New Zealand, was particularly enthusiastic about the possible applications of the technology. "Maybe you want to see tomorrow's rugby scores," he said in the statement.

When a friend falls for one of the many Facebook scams, I usually send the person a private message, but I often comment with a correction. 2) Don't fall for the scams

In the past week friends have posted the fake lotto winner's alleged offer to share his millions and the equally fake Facebook copyright declaration.

I thought it was a fun way to do a converse telling of the same story."

"Instead of having down-and-out actors going like, 'Oh, we're called to duty,' what about A-list actors who for the first time actually have to do something?" says Scheer. "They're on top of the world but they haven't actually even interacted with each other.

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'I just wanted to make sure it was confirmed and re-confirmed before I told them.





Chilling moment hooded thug jogs down a Sydney street after... 'We will never stop looking for our boy': Broken family of...

Screenshot by Dennis O'Reilly/CNET

You can also choose to receive notifications via e-mail, on Facebook, or not at all for activities by the people you've designated as close friends as well as for tag notifications, group posts, and app notifications.

Control the flow of Facebook e-mail notifications via the options in your Account Settings.

A poster named "IphoneEntusiast" has published a step-by-step process for using yellowsn0w, from jailbreak through unlock. See the thread here.

Solutions for problems related to or caused by the update are beginning to materialize. His process involves verifying that the Carrier field displays (null)(null) after QuickPwn is used, resetting network settings after installation of yellowsn0w and"article-body" class="row" section="article-body">

A few days ago, the unofficial iPhone Dev Team released an unlock for the iPhone 3G dubbed "yellowsn0w." The team subsequently released a 0.9.5 beta of the unlock app, which fixes several bugs in the initial iteration. However, many users are still experiencing issues, as noted in this initial report.

The scenes were filmed as part of ITV programme 'The preload="none">

Keeping the seven-storey hotel running is head butler Sean Davoren (pictured), 62, who started at The Savoy in 1978, and strives for 'excellence' each morning


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Paul Vo and Loan Nguyen own the Winning Post in Richmond where the ticket was purchased.

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It's the latest in a string of attempts to bring real-world interactivity to social media; but, unlike most other previous apps, such as Path, Bridge, Findery, and the now-shuttered Roamz, it concentrates not on the discovery of places and people, but of content.





Are you Australia's newest multimillionaire?

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The man, who wished to remain anonymous, purchased his winning ticket from the NewsExtra on Gympie Road in Chermside. 

Fast cars, cray fishing and no alarm clocks: Inside the life...

Spectators watch the riders pack during the eleventh stage of the Tour de France cycling race over 167 kilometers (104 miles), with start in Chatelaillon-Plage and finish in Poitiers, Wednesday, Sept.

9, 2020. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

(AP Photo/Christophe Ena)" class="blkBorder img-share" style="max-width:100%" />
Meanwhile, they splashed out £850,000 on a four-bedroom detached home set in 23 acres of gardens and woodland on the outskirts of Largs, which boasted a cinema, pool and stables.
It was sold in 2016 to an overseas trust in a £1.4million deal.

Nokia wants you to play games on the phone too, so the N-Gage gaming platform has been incorporated. As the Nokia Conversations blog points out (with bonus bias towards all things awesome about Nokia, naturally), this is only the second non-Nseries handset to get Nokia's high-end gaming platform.

But that's not all.

PSG confirm £1m loan capture of Roma defender Alessandro...

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'The King is BACK!': Neymar ends £78.6m Nike partnership... Kylian Mbappe 'tells PSG he will leave next summer' as...





Neymar among FIVE players sent off in just 180 seconds in...

Now Meet Dave is a movie with Eddie Murphy where Eddie Murphy plays a spaceship. Literally a spaceship. So I get this part in a movie called Meet Dave. Eddie Murphy is the captain of the Eddie Murphy spaceship. And then inside Eddie Murphy are little people. And they have come down to Earth to get salt.

The Belgian outfit did not have the dream run they had with Julian Alaphilippe last year, when the Frenchman wore the yellow jersey for 14 days, but 'Loulou' won the second stage and wore the coveted jersey again. He lost it when his team broke a feeding rule.

of Glendale, Arizona, for winning a Novo portable sound controller from Adaptive Sound Technologies last week. id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body">

Enlarge Image


Congratulations to Art N. (Art won another Crave giveaway back in July; this guy's picking my lotto numbers from now on.)

Self-confessed 'tyrant' head butler Sean Davoren, 62, who started at The Savoy in 1978, was lambasted after publicly telling-off his staff, while Savoy Grill owner Gordon Ramsay faced criticism for his foul-mouthed tirade over a chipped plate.

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Paramedics treated the driver for his injuries before he was airlifted to St George Hospital where he remains in a stable condition.  

Car drives off the edge of a cliff and plunges into the...





Horror as father watches helplessly while a Volkswagen Golf...

We've been playing ever since,' he said.
'I don't remember why we chose these numbers exactly.

All I know was 40 years ago we each wrote down numbers and selected a ticket to play.

The team leave the Tour with four stage wins - Pogacar's three and Alexander Kristoff's in the opening stage - and in addition to the yellow jersey, they claimed the white and polka dot jerseys too.

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When the woman and her husband do finally get to Europe, they will fly business class. 

The surprising reason Australian porn stars are in HUGE...





Thousands of tradies left without work after the industry...

Not the cliff), south of Sydney, just after 7am on Friday" class="blkBorder img-share" />
The 30-year-old driver suffered head and face injuries after his car fell off a cliff at Hanging Rock Lookout (pictured stock.

Speaking in his post-match press conference, Villas-Boas said: 'They had 10 years of domination but they spent more than a billion to achieve it.

It gave importance to what they do in France.

Gangnam Style

The Voice

One Direction

Whitney Houston


Oz Lotto

Diablo 3

Hurricane Sandy


Morgan Freeman

But what were the most popular 2012 gadgets? Well, the iPhone fell off the top-10 list completely, which is interesting. Instead, Samsung took pride of place as the favourite phone with the Galaxy S3 — beaten to the top by the iPad 3.

Read more:

Sonny Colbrelli (ITA) Bahrain - McLaren " 4. Oct 3 (Gracenote) - Results from Stage 5, BinckBank Tour on Saturday.
Stage 5 Ottignies to Geraardsbergen, 183.6 km. Søren Kragh (DEN) Team Sunweb " 5. Oliver Naesen (BEL) AG2R La Mondiale +4 3. Men's elite road race. Yves Lampaert (BEL) Deceuninck - Quick-Step +50 8. Mathieu van der Poel (NED) Alpecin - Fenix 4:07:39 2. Stefan Küng (SUI) Groupama - FDJ +8 6.

Dimitri Claeys (BEL) Cofidis +47 7. Jempy Drücker (LUX) BORA - hansgrohe +1:12 10. Florian Sénéchal (FRA) Deceuninck - Quick-Step " 11. Amaury Capiot (BEL) Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise " 14. Andrea Pasqualon (ITA) Circus - Wanty - Gobert " 12.
Dion Smith (NZL) Mitchelton - Scott +1:14 13. Xandro Meurisse (BEL) Circus - Wanty - Gobert " 18.

Mads Pedersen (DEN) Trek - Segafredo +1:21 19. Gianni Vermeersch (BEL) Alpecin - Fenix " 17. Mike Teunissen (NED) Jumbo - Visma +1:17 16. Iván García (ESP) Bahrain - McLaren +18 9. Alessandro Covi (ITA) UAE Team Emirates " 20. Mathieu van der Poel (NED) Alpecin - Fenix 10:43:08 2. Søren Kragh (DEN) Team Sunweb +8 3. John Degenkolb (GER) Lotto - Soudal " 15. Mads Pedersen (DEN) Trek - Segafredo +1:21 6. Florian Sénéchal (FRA) Deceuninck - Quick-Step +1:45 8. Sonny Colbrelli (ITA) Bahrain - McLaren +1:42 7. Yves Lampaert (BEL) Deceuninck - Quick-Step +1:16 5. Mike Teunissen (NED) Jumbo - Visma +1:49 9. Stefan Küng (SUI) Groupama - FDJ +23 4. Stefan Bissegger (SUI) EF Pro Cycling +2:09 13. Jempy Drücker (LUX) BORA - hansgrohe +2:06 12. Owain Doull (GBR) INEOS Grenadiers +2:15 15. John Degenkolb (GER) Lotto - Soudal +2:02 11. Andrea Pasqualon (ITA) Circus - Wanty - Gobert +2:16 16. Lawrence Naesen (BEL) AG2R La Mondiale +2:25 18. Gianni Vermeersch (BEL) Alpecin - Fenix +2:30 19. Owain Doull (GBR) INEOS Grenadiers +1:25 Overall leaders 1. Jonas Rickaert (BEL) Alpecin - Fenix +2:37 Points leaders 1. Max Walscheid (GER) NTT Pro Cycling Team +2:23 17. Florian Vermeersch (BEL) Lotto - Soudal +1:59 10. Mathieu van der Poel (NED) Alpecin - Fenix 41 4. Jasper Philipsen (BEL) UAE Team Emirates 55 3. Tim Merlier (BEL) Alpecin - Fenix 27 6. Jasper Philipsen (BEL) UAE Team Emirates +2:14 14. Florian Sénéchal (FRA) Deceuninck - Quick-Step 22 8. Oliver Naesen (BEL) AG2R La Mondiale 25 7. Stefan Küng (SUI) Groupama - FDJ 17 11. Mads Pedersen (DEN) Trek - Segafredo 74 2. Zdenek Ntybar (CZE) Deceuninck - Quick-Step 15 13. Sonny Colbrelli (ITA) Bahrain - McLaren " 9.

Søren Kragh (DEN) Team Sunweb 19 10. Danny van Poppel (NED) Circus - Wanty - Gobert 38 5. Michael Gogl (AUT) NTT Pro Cycling Team " 17. Yves Lampaert (BEL) Deceuninck - Quick-Step 13 15.

Christophe Laporte (FRA) Cofidis " 16. Dimitri Claeys (BEL) Cofidis " 14. Sep Vanmarcke (BEL) EF Pro Cycling 10 Team classification 1. Nils Politt (GER) Israel Start-Up Nation +2:36 20. Stefan Bissegger (SUI) EF Pro Cycling " 12. AG2R La Mondiale (FRA) +1:09 4. Lotto - Soudal (BEL) +1:31 5. Iván García (ESP) Bahrain - McLaren 12 18. Groupama - FDJ (FRA) +3:23 7. Circus - Wanty - Gobert (BEL) +2:12 6. INEOS Grenadiers (GBR) +4:15 10. UAE Team Emirates (UAE) +4:54 11.
NTT Pro Cycling Team (RSA) +7:27 12. Cofidis (FRA) +3:34 8. Team Sunweb (GER) +8:40 14. Alpecin - Fenix (BEL) 32:14:44 2.

Deceuninck - Quick-Step (BEL) +15 3. Total Direct Energie (FRA) +8:07 13. Jempy Drücker (LUX) BORA - hansgrohe 11 19. EF Pro Cycling (USA) +3:49 9. Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise (BEL) +13:43 16. Jumbo - Visma (NED) +11:50 15. Trek - Segafredo (USA) +22:29

CCC Team (POL) +13:47 17. Mitchelton - Scott (AUS) +18:27 18.They featured in many breakaways and Dani Martinez won a mountain stage in Puy Mary, which made up for the slight disappointment of seeing Rigoberto Uran, a former runner-up, ending up eighth overall.

The Gippsland winner held the only division one winning entry nationally in Oz Lotto draw 1387, drawn Tuesday 19 September 2020, and takes home a division one prize of $20 million.

Deaths from non-small-cell lung cancer, which accounts for about eight in ten cases, have been gradually declining over the past few decades due to fewer people smoking (the main cause of lung cancer).

However, from 2013, as new treatments were launched, the decline in deaths doubled, with rates plummeting by almost 20 per cent in three years.

'There was no hope, people were downbeat and patients would say, 'What is the point?' But we now have a much deeper understanding of the biology of the disease.
We have newer treatments and we have new surgical and radiotherapy techniques.

Picture date: Wednesday February 5, 2020. Photo credit should read: Peter Byrne/PA Wire" class="blkBorder img-share" />
A bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne with The National Lottery branded champagne flutes, on a white table cloth during a lottery winners photocall at the Mercure Haydock Hotel in Haydock.

PA Photo.

According to the will, Mr Weir's estate is still due more than £80,000 from the Spanish authorities, following the sale of a holiday home on the island of Majorca.

The property had been specially adapted to cater for his mobility problems.

Marseille manager Andre Villas-Boas has criticised Paris Saint-Germain after his side's 1-0 victory in an eventful encounter at the Parc des Princes.

The lucky winner, from Morphett Vale in Adelaide's south, scored the division one prize in Monday's Lotto X draw.

Their leader Romain Bardet abandoned after sustaining a concussion in a crash, but they won a mountain stage through Nans Peters and Benoit Cosnefroy enjoyed a long spell with the polka dot jersey.

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body">

An example of gDay technology.

OK, this one's pretty amazing.

Richie Porte stayed quiet throughout but with the help of Kenny Elissonde in the mountains and world champion Mads Pedersen on the flat, the Australian took third place, his first podium on the race.

Despite the glamour on display for guests - including private cocktail parties in their rooms, bespoke bouquets and even personalised bed linen - viewers were left disappointed with how staff at the 131-year-old hotel on the banks of the River Thames were treated.

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body">

Ripple Inc

"Add a soundtrack to your street, share private videos in public places, create a treasure hunt..." This is the intriguing teaser written on the Traces website, offering a glimpse of what you might be able to do with the new app.No more climbing under your desk to plug your gadgets



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XpressMusic handset has been outed as the 5630 XpressMusic, and, while we seldom find mid-range phones much more exciting than winning £2 on a Lotto scratch card, the 5630 has a couple of respectable instant wins.

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body">

It's not a smart phone but, for a music phone, it's quite smart.

Over the course of 16 books, including 1994's Media Virus, where he codified an early version of the concept of viral media, he's explored how technology affects us, both culturally and economically. id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body">

Author and CUNY professor Douglas Rushkoff has been writing about the digital economy since the early 1990s.


This year, Whitney Houston dominated the


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Ten people set to be charged with murder over knife fight...





Huge $5,000 fine for any Melburnian who tries to travel to...

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"I don't know what I'd do with myself if I retired!

It's not big and heavy and thick and yucky like Facebook or something. It doesn't like follow me around. I mean I know there's things wrong with it. It's almost like texting. [But] they went the wrong VC too soon, which demanded them that they go public too soon, and at too high a valuation, and now they're going to have to kill their company. It's just marvelous, and it's profitable. Here's a company, Twitter. I think it's cool because it doesn't ask anything of me.

Average speed: 38.285 km/h. Michael Matthews (AUS) Team Sunweb " 3. Davide Cimolai (ITA) Israel Start-Up Nation " 6. Andrea Vendrame (ITA) AG2R La Mondiale " 7. Men's elite road race. Fabio Felline (ITA) Astana Pro Team " 4.

Sebastián Molano (COL) UAE Team Emirates " 5. Enrico Battaglin (ITA) Bahrain - McLaren " 10.
Jhonatan Narváez (ECU) INEOS Grenadiers " 11. Arnaud Démare (FRA) Groupama - FDJ 4:54:38 2. Mikkel Honoré (DEN) Deceuninck - Quick-Step " 8. Gianluca Brambilla (ITA) Trek - Segafredo " 13. Oct 8 (Gracenote) - Results from Stage 6, Giro d Italia on Thursday.
Stage 6 Castrovillari to Matera, 188 km. Peter Sagan (SVK) BORA - hansgrohe " 9. Davide Ballerini (ITA) Deceuninck - Quick-Step " 12. Filippo Fiorelli (ITA) Bardiani - CSF - Faizanè " 16.

Diego Ulissi (ITA) UAE Team Emirates " 17. Patrick Konrad (AUT) BORA - hansgrohe " 20. Simon Clarke (AUS) EF Pro Cycling " 14. Jakob Fuglsang (DEN) Astana Pro Team " 15. Pello Bilbao (ESP) Bahrain - McLaren +43 3. Simone Consonni (ITA) Cofidis " Overall leaders 1. João Almeida (POR) Deceuninck - Quick-Step 22:01:01 2. Vincenzo Nibali (ITA) Trek - Segafredo +1:01 6. Rafal Majka (POL) BORA - hansgrohe " 18. Harm Vanhoucke (BEL) Lotto - Soudal +59 5. Domenico Pozzovivo (ITA) NTT Pro Cycling Team +1:05 7. Wilco Kelderman (NED) Team Sunweb +48 4. Rafal Majka (POL) BORA - hansgrohe +1:32 11. Sam Oomen (NED) Team Sunweb " 19. Steven Kruijswijk (NED) Jumbo - Visma +1:21 9. Patrick Konrad (AUT) BORA - hansgrohe +1:26 10. Fausto Masnada (ITA) Deceuninck - Quick-Step +1:38 13. Hermann Pernsteiner (AUT) Bahrain - McLaren +1:48 15. Jai Hindley (AUS) Team Sunweb +1:33 12. Jakob Fuglsang (DEN) Astana Pro Team +1:19 8. Ilnur Zakarin (RUS) CCC Team +1:44 14. Brandon McNulty (USA) UAE Team Emirates +2:57 19. Lucas Hamilton (AUS) Mitchelton - Scott +2:47 18. Sergio Samitier (ESP) Movistar Team +2:12 16. Filippo Ganna (ITA) INEOS Grenadiers 41 2. Tao Geoghegan Hart (GBR) INEOS Grenadiers +3:18 20. James Knox (GBR) Deceuninck - Quick-Step +3:26 King of the Mountains 1. Jakob Fuglsang (DEN) Astana Pro Team " 6.

Giovanni Visconti (ITA) Vini Zabù - Brado - KTM " 7. Edoardo Zardini (ITA) Vini Zabù - Brado - KTM 18 5. Harm Vanhoucke (BEL) Lotto - Soudal 12 9. Antonio Pedrero (ESP) Movistar Team +2:33 17. Simon Pellaud (SUI) Androni Giocattoli - 9 Sidermec 11. Wilco Kelderman (NED) Team Sunweb 15 8. Marco Frapporti (ITA) Vini Zabù - Brado - KTM " 14. James Whelan (AUS) EF Pro Cycling " 12.

Héctor Carretero (ESP) Movistar Team 8 13. Vincenzo Nibali (ITA) Trek - Segafredo 11 10. Domenico Pozzovivo (ITA) NTT Pro Cycling Team 19 4. Jonathan Caicedo (ECU) EF Pro Cycling 40 3. Diego Ulissi (ITA) UAE Team Emirates 3 19. Rick Zabel (GER) Israel Start-Up Nation " 20.

Salvatore Puccio (ITA) INEOS Grenadiers " Points leaders 1. Arnaud Démare (FRA) Groupama - FDJ 106 2. Thomas De Gendt (BEL) Lotto - Soudal 5 15. Peter Sagan (SVK) BORA - hansgrohe " 18. Peter Sagan (SVK) BORA - hansgrohe 67 3. Andrea Vendrame (ITA) AG2R La Mondiale 30 6. Michael Matthews (AUS) Team Sunweb 55 4. Davide Ballerini (ITA) Deceuninck - Quick-Step " 7.

João Almeida (POR) Deceuninck - Quick-Step 29 8. Sam Oomen (NED) Team Sunweb 4 17. Fabio Felline (ITA) Astana Pro Team 25 10. Rafal Majka (POL) BORA - hansgrohe " 16. Filippo Ganna (ITA) INEOS Grenadiers 45 5. Diego Ulissi (ITA) UAE Team Emirates 27 9. Jonathan Caicedo (ECU) EF Pro Cycling 23 12. Marco Frapporti (ITA) Vini Zabù - Brado - KTM " 15. Davide Cimolai (ITA) Israel Start-Up Nation 24 11. Wilco Kelderman (NED) Team Sunweb 15 20. Sebastián Molano (COL) UAE Team Emirates " 17. Mattia Bais (ITA) Androni Giocattoli - 28 Sidermec 2. Elia Viviani (ITA) Cofidis 14 Sprint classification 1. Patrick Konrad (AUT) BORA - hansgrohe 18 16. Simon Pellaud (SUI) Androni Giocattoli - 16 Sidermec 5. Marco Frapporti (ITA) Vini Zabù - Brado - KTM 26 3.
Thomas De Gendt (BEL) Lotto - Soudal 20 4. Lawson Craddock (USA) EF Pro Cycling " 8. Jonathan Caicedo (ECU) EF Pro Cycling 10 9.

Josip Rumac (CRO) Androni Giocattoli - " Sidermec 10. Mikkel Honoré (DEN) Deceuninck - Quick-Step 22 13.
Mattia Bais (ITA) Androni Giocattoli - 20 Sidermec 14. Edoardo Zardini (ITA) Vini Zabù - Brado - KTM 7 11. Jhonatan Restrepo (COL) Androni Giocattoli - " Sidermec 6. Jhonatan Restrepo (COL) Androni Giocattoli - 17 Sidermec 18.

Giovanni Visconti (ITA) Vini Zabù - Brado - KTM 16 19. Alessandro Tonelli (ITA) Bardiani - CSF - Faizanè 5 15. Filippo Zana (ITA) Bardiani - CSF - Faizanè " 14. João Almeida (POR) Deceuninck - Quick-Step 6 13. Jan Tratnik (SLO) Bahrain - McLaren 4 16. Ben Gastauer (LUX) AG2R La Mondiale 3 19. Carl Fredrik Hagen (NOR) Lotto - Soudal 13 7. James Whelan (AUS) EF Pro Cycling " 17.

Etienne van Empel (NED) Vini Zabù - Brado - KTM " 18. Davide Ballerini (ITA) Deceuninck - Quick-Step " Team classification 1. Deceuninck - Quick-Step (BEL) 66:07:26 2. Jumbo - Visma (NED) +4:22 5. Matthew Holmes (GBR) Lotto - Soudal " 20. BORA - hansgrohe (GER) +7:51 7. Mitchelton - Scott (AUS) +6:03 6. INEOS Grenadiers (GBR) +3:34 4. Giovanni Visconti (ITA) Vini Zabù - Brado - KTM " 12. Trek - Segafredo (USA) +17:35 10. Bahrain - McLaren (BRN) +18:12 11. CCC Team (POL) +23:42 12. Astana Pro Team (KAZ) +27:07 14. Team Sunweb (GER) +1:22 3. EF Pro Cycling (USA) +34:04 16. Lotto - Soudal (BEL) +31:23 15. Movistar Team (ESP) +15:34 9. Vini Zabù - Brado - KTM (ITA) +1:11:35 18. UAE Team Emirates (UAE) +24:21 13. NTT Pro Cycling Team (RSA) +36:27 17. Bardiani - CSF - Faizanè (ITA) +1:26:14 20. Cofidis (FRA) +1:16:47 19. João Almeida (POR) Deceuninck - Quick-Step 22:01:01 2. Groupama - FDJ (FRA) +2:30:34 Youth classification 1. Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec (ITA) +1:41:18 21. Harm Vanhoucke (BEL) Lotto - Soudal +59 3. AG2R La Mondiale (FRA) +11:30 8. Lucas Hamilton (AUS) Mitchelton - Scott +2:47 6. Jai Hindley (AUS) Team Sunweb +1:33 4. Tao Geoghegan Hart (GBR) INEOS Grenadiers +3:18 8. Aurélien Paret-Peintre AG2R La Mondiale +4:31 (FRA) 10. Sam Oomen (NED) Team Sunweb +8:12 11. Brandon McNulty (USA) UAE Team Emirates +2:57 7. Attila Valter (HUN) CCC Team +9:07 12. Matteo Fabbro (ITA) BORA - hansgrohe +10:55 13. James Knox (GBR) Deceuninck - Quick-Step +3:26 9. Jaakko Hänninen (FIN) AG2R La Mondiale +16:03 14. Tobias Foss (NOR) Jumbo - Visma +19:15 17. Einer Rubio (COL) Movistar Team +20:24 18. Filippo Ganna (ITA) INEOS Grenadiers +20:30 19. Sergio Samitier (ESP) Movistar Team +2:12 5. Israel Start-Up Nation (ISR) +1:55:43 22. Mikkel Honoré (DEN) Deceuninck - Quick-Step +24:25 20. Mark Padun (UKR) Bahrain - McLaren +27:15

Giovanni Carboni (ITA) Bardiani - CSF - Faizanè +18:43 16. Óscar Rodríguez (ESP) Astana Pro Team +18:41 15.
Meanwhile, the Dev Team notes "there is a known issue with SIM cards that have STK (SIM Toolkit) application menus. These menu items confuse the application sometimes."

These menus are usually items such as 'top up' 'get credit' 'lotto numbers' etc.

Death toll in flooding across France and Italy rises to 12...

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He said it had brought 'a little bit of cheer to the area' after households were banned from socialising either inside or outside, both in private and public spaces and hospitality venues. 





EXCLUSIVE: Benidorm launches £245 all-inclusive deals...

Way back in the primordial Internet era of 1995, software engineer Tom Van Vleck devised a code of network behavior he calls the USENET pledge. Van Vleck explains the reasons for online decorum in his astute essay on The Risks of Electronic Communication.

But, unless the user goes to that place in the allocated timeframe, they will never see the message. It's for messaging, but not in the normal way. A 'trace' is tied to a location and a timeframe. As the user is walking down a street or waiting for a coffee at their favourite coffee shop, a notification bubble might show up on their screen; when they line the reticule up with the bubble, it opens a message: anything from text to a video to tickets or vouchers.

Men's elite road race. Simon Yates (GBR) Mitchelton - Scott 5:30:43 2. Geraint Thomas (GBR) INEOS Grenadiers +35 3. Rafal Majka (POL) BORA - hansgrohe " 4. Wilco Kelderman (NED) Team Sunweb +54 6. Jai Hindley (AUS) Team Sunweb +1:05 9. James Knox (GBR) Deceuninck - Quick-Step +58 7. Aleksander Vlasov (RUS) Astana Pro Team +39 5. Sep 11 (Gracenote) - Results from Stage 5, Tirreno-Adriatico on Friday.
Stage 5 Norcia to Sassotetto, 202 km. Michael Woods (CAN) EF Pro Cycling " 12.

Óscar Rodríguez (ESP) Astana Pro Team +1:55 13. Louis Meintjes (RSA) NTT Pro Cycling Team +1:46 11. Jack Haig (AUS) Mitchelton - Scott +2:21 14. Gianluca Brambilla (ITA) Trek - Segafredo +1:11 10. Fausto Masnada (ITA) Deceuninck - Quick-Step +1:00 8. Jakob Fuglsang (DEN) Astana Pro Team " 15. Larry Warbasse (USA) AG2R La Mondiale +3:09 20. Louis Vervaeke (BEL) Alpecin - Fenix +2:43 19. Víctor de la Parte (ESP) CCC Team +2:25 18. Sam Oomen (NED) Team Sunweb " 16. Daniel Navarro (ESP) Israel Start-Up Nation +3:20 Overall leaders 1. Simon Yates (GBR) Mitchelton - Scott 23:36:59 2. Aleksander Vlasov (RUS) Astana Pro Team +49 5. Wilco Kelderman (NED) Team Sunweb +1:00 7. Rafal Majka (POL) BORA - hansgrohe +16 3. Ruben Guerreiro (POR) EF Pro Cycling " 17. Fausto Masnada (ITA) Deceuninck - Quick-Step +54 6. Jack Haig (AUS) Mitchelton - Scott +2:44 11. Geraint Thomas (GBR) INEOS Grenadiers +39 4. James Knox (GBR) Deceuninck - Quick-Step +1:21 8. Jai Hindley (AUS) Team Sunweb +3:24 14. Gianluca Brambilla (ITA) Trek - Segafredo +2:28 10. Michael Woods (CAN) EF Pro Cycling +1:22 9. Louis Meintjes (RSA) NTT Pro Cycling Team +2:52 13. Larry Warbasse (USA) AG2R La Mondiale +4:47 18. Jakob Fuglsang (DEN) Astana Pro Team +3:25 15. Víctor de la Parte (ESP) CCC Team +3:31 16. Sergio Henao (COL) UAE Team Emirates +6:49 King of the Mountains 1. Héctor Carretero (ESP) Movistar Team 31 2. Sam Oomen (NED) Team Sunweb +2:49 12. Louis Vervaeke (BEL) Alpecin - Fenix +3:49 17. Marco Canola (ITA) Gazprom - RusVelo 28 3. Simon Yates (GBR) Mitchelton - Scott 25 4. Aleksander Vlasov (RUS) Astana Pro Team " 7.

Mathias Frank (SUI) AG2R La Mondiale 14 8. Geraint Thomas (GBR) INEOS Grenadiers 13 9. Michael Matthews (AUS) Team Sunweb 15 6. Nathan Haas (AUS) Cofidis 10 11. Michael Woods (CAN) EF Pro Cycling 20 5. Vincenzo Nibali (ITA) Trek - Segafredo +5:51 20. Rafal Majka (POL) BORA - hansgrohe 12 10. Simon Pellaud (SUI) Androni Giocattoli - 7 Sidermec 13.
Wilco Kelderman (NED) Team Sunweb " 14. Bruno Armirail (FRA) Groupama - FDJ +4:57 19. Benjamin Thomas (FRA) Groupama - FDJ 5 16. Alessandro Tonelli (ITA) Bardiani - CSF - Faizanè 6 15. Julien Bernard (FRA) Trek - Segafredo 3 18. Pascal Ackermann (GER) BORA - hansgrohe 2