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Top Reasons Why Composite Decking Is Better Suited For Your Deck - Patio Deck

por Janell Collings (2020-09-30)

You don’t need to refinish it, but optional paint or stain can give it a fresh look. And, like pressure treated lumber, natural woods like redwood require annual power washing and a new stain every few years. With regular simple moping and stain cleaning, you can easily keep its grace as fresh as it is new. If your deck is built past a certain height, you’ll need railings to keep it safe and secure. You’ll be looking at mid-range pricing, compared to other decking materials. And people with natural living and sustainability concerns may want to avoid decking materials with chemical treatments. Besides all these issues, they also pose health dangers to people and pets living inside the home. Remember, it should be strong enough to act like an outdoor living area. Evaluate whether hiring a contractor directly for any necessary repairs would be more economical or if through home insurance the damage is large enough to be covered. Metal decking material is manufactured in several colors and it is best when installed over large spans. At The Decking Superstore, our covered San Francisco Bay Area warehouse spans over 2 acres, and there's no waiting to ship from an out-of-state warehouse.

And it can grow mold and break down over time. It doesn’t rot, bugs can’t eat it, it’s mold resistant, it won’t crack or warp and its finishes last and last. However, it can crack, warp and split with time. However, if you want newer materials, know that they could be heavier. Shop carefully for these types of decking materials, as different types of woods are more hearty than others. The market offers a wide array of options for decking materials, each of which has its own pros and cons. Well, yes it's more durable, aesthetically sound, sustainable, requires little maintenance and offers value for money. "It’s easy…little to no maintenance," he said. They’ll look at more technical things, like guardrail and stair connections. With the right color and grain, it can give the deck a more realistic look. So the right decking for you will depend on your budget, tolerance for deck maintenance, backyard entertainment needs and aesthetic preference. And some people may not like the sterile aesthetic of a metal deck.

It is recommended to wash the metal surface at least once a month to protect and avoid water ponding on the surface. Metal decking forms an interlocking surface creating a watertight surface ideal on upper-level decks. Some decks may need only a simple refinishing. You simply need to replace the individual boards and railings that need repair. You can install rest of the boards using wood wedges from decking off cuts. Luckily, decks with structural support intact, but worn boards and railings, can get away with a simple repair to the decking materials. If you want top-of-the-line decking and siding materials delivered straight to your job site in a timely fashion, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a handy outline of the most common types of decking materials to help you decide which is right for you. Like any major home purchase, decking materials vary in looks, durability, and cost.

It also requires maintenance, like yearly power washing and restaining every couple of years or so. This type of deck is usually made from PVC and polyethylene, a couple of popular options. What Is the Best Deck Material? That's why you want to make sure the shingles and the entire roofing system is in the best shape possible prior to the solar panels going on. It can be tricky for the homeowner to do without endangering themselves and incurring more damage to their roofs with possibly chipping and scraping the shingles off. If you’re considering building a new deck or replacing your old one, it’s important to know which decking materials can stand the test of time and hold up to the elements. Plagued with rotting wood, Pierre Garcia is replacing his deck with a manufactured or composite material. It could cost you over $7 per square foot, material only, but will last longer when compared to other decking alternatives. Prices can be all over the place based on wood quality and Type N Deck.

It could be affected by extreme temperatures and darker colors will also be affected when exposed to the sun over a long period of time. Also, you might want to use certain types of lumber or decking for structural parts of your deck project, and other decking timber for surfaces and railings-the parts on which you will walk and actually see. Some types of woods have oils and tannins that make them naturally resistant to rot and bugs, like redwood and red cedar. Sometimes corrosion will be obvious, like in cases where you can see rot on the edge of the deck frame itself. Plastic is more durable, especially in that it doesn’t rot or decay. However, it looks more artificial, so some people might not like the loss of natural texture and color that can come with moving away from natural woods. However, it’s also the least expensive type of decking material. For a con, however, it’s the most expensive type of decking. The fixed type uses a permanent structure to support a canopy.