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The beauty industry in Australia won't open for another TWO months

por Chloe Mcclain (2020-09-28)

433cec598e8d9dcdcb5a73d46335ec67.jpgNail salons and beauty clinics in the Northern Territory will reopen from mid-May, ????? but the rest of Australia might have to wait until at least July, and possibly longer, for services to resume.

In announcing his exit strategy from the coronavirus lockdown on April 30, NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said all businesses within the beauty industry that don't involve facial services could reopen from May 15. 

Any treatments that involve the face, as well as laser hair removal, cosmetic surgery and tattoo parlours, will reopen on June 5, however physical distancing rules of 1.5 metres will still be in place. 

While the exact date for other states to begin offering eyebrow waxes and fresh spray tans is still unknown, infectious disease specialist from Griffith University, Professor Nigel McMillan, said the industry was still 'high risk'.  

'Each individual health authority will decide for itself what risk profile it wants to take,' Prof McMillan told FEMAIL.

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Women pictured at Le Nails Day Spa in Double Bay, Sydney, just before the lockdown on March 25 came into effect

Hairdressers and barbers are allowed to remain open so long as they observe strict social distancing rules (pictured in the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney before March 25)

'We know, for example, someone in the dental industry has an increased risk of getting coronavirus because of that human-to-human contact. If you look now at the states, each state has taken different rafts to let loose on, depending on the risk. 

'Every job where there is close personal contact involved is increasing the risk, and that includes beauty.' 

Salons around the country have been closed since the federal government banned all beauty parlours except hairdressers and barbers on March 25.  

While it's good news for those living in the Top End, Australians in other states are likely going to be waiting until July 1 for their hair, nail and skin treatments to be made available.