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10 Celebrities Killed By the Ruling Elite for Exposing the Global Conspiracy?

por Nereida Tillery (2020-08-19)

It has been alleged that a number of celebrities have been killed for speaking out against the world's ruling elite. Known as the illuminati the world's ruling elite meet in secret societies where they orchestrate their world control over the banks, major corporations, the politicians, the war machine... etc for global domination and the New World Order one world government.

They control the entertainment industry and the price for fame not only demands certain ritual blood sacrifices to prove worthiness, but also remain silent on the organization's existence. Some celebrities over the years however, had not remained silent and it has been said that they were killed by the ruling elite's agents for exposing the global conspiracy.

-So here are 10 celebrities said to have been killed by the ruling elite for exposing the global conspiracy.

1. George Carlin

The Inimitable George Carlin used his stand-up comedy routine to expose the ruling elite and their associates' lies, disinformation and tyranny. For example, he exposed oppressive governments. Way ahead if his time, but allegedly he was killed as a consequence.

2. John Lennon

John Lennon spoke out against the ruling elite on a number of levels, including the evils connected to the entertainments industry. He was under surveillance by the FBI... He had befriended and funded a number of individuals labelled as 'subversives' who were regarded as political enemies by concerned governmental agents for the ruling elite.

His untimely end in December 8th 1980 was caused by Mark Chapman shooting him dead (incidentally, the Beatles song John wrote called "Come Together" recorded in 1969 has his vocals repeating the words 'shoot me...'). The official story claimed that Chapman was a crazed fan, but this account does not add up. It has been said that Chapman was a mind controlled assassin.

-John's wife Yoko and son Sean are convinced that his killing involved the ruling elite...

3. Michael Jackson

In only a matter of days before his comeback concert tour Michael Jackson died in June 25, 2009. Not wanting to be part of the illuminati Michael claimed that there was a plan in operation to defame him with false allegations related to molesting children and that he was a freak... He had planned to speak out against the illuminati and their evil machinations in the music industry and expose much more.

-Speaking of her brother Michael, La Toya Jackson has been known on a number of occasions to insist that "they were trying to kill him."

4. Royal Princess Diana

The British royal family are major players in the ruling elite. Much loved Princess Diana's separation from Husband Prince Charles was a source of embarrassment for the royal family. Lady Diana was known to have made comments in earnest on the royals that "they were not human" and calling the Windsors "lizards" or "the reptiles" as referenced in David Icke's book The Biggest Secret.

The claim was that her death had been a ritual sacrifice handled by the SAS with solid evidence to prove it. Mohamed-Al-Fayed is convinced that his son Dodi Al-Fayed (Di's lover) besides Lady Di was killed and the royal family had organized it.

5. Jimi Hendrix

The US government had called Jimi a "subversive. " He was known for making comments regarding his fear of dying before he would reach 30 years old. For example, he told film director Chuck Wein "The next time I go to Seattle will be in a pine box" only 2 months before his death.

He choked on his own vomit on September 18th 1970 aged 27 years.

6. Whitney Houston

Addicted to drugs and no longer able to sing the way she used to Whitney was considered redundant from the illuminati controlled record industry. It's said that she was killed the day before the 2012 Grammy awards.

Done away with in a bathtub as a blood sacrificial ritualistic murder at the Hotel where the awards party had been planned it came as no surprise that her officially un-established death at the time was used to promote the Grammy's ceremony causing the TV ratings to rocket sky-high...

Not just for TV ratings, the timing of her murder was said to be further connected: Occult connected. -She was born on the 9th of August and died in February 11th. The figures 9-11 are a code commonly used in human sacrificial rituals. Further, she was killed on a Saturday (blood sacrifice on the Sabbath) precisely 7 days before High Priestess Madonna said to have performed a 'blood sacrifice' ritual at the Hollywood Bowl.

  • I encourage readers to do their own research but when it comes to a celeb death in suspicious circumstances play the detective here; look for the numerology and symbolism suggesting patterns of a blood sacrifice ritual murder. For example, Princess Diana's death was full of occult numerology and symbolism.

7. Bruce Lee

Martial arts master and film star Bruce Lee was known to have remarked that he was being followed by some kind of demon. His death was considered by some to be a blood sacrifice ritual. His untimely end came from a suspicious allergic reaction from prescribed tablets on 20th July 1973.

8. John F. Kennedy

JFK was said to have been an illuminati member, but as president decided to go against their wishes. -Many conspiracies have used this to explain his assassination on November 22nd 1963.

9. Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa was one of a number of celebrities (as was Jimi Hendrix) with parents that had military backgrounds. A number of researchers have commented that Zappa and a number of other highly successful stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead), David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Jim Morrison... etc had come from parents who had been in the military or was with intelligence agencies such as the CIA... connected to mind control...

In short, the hippy movement was said to be an intelligence agency directed mind control programme stemming from Laurel Canyon in California. The ruling elite want to control everything. So it wouldn't come as a surprise that they would want to control our minds and social behaviour as well as the music industry.

Zappa was considered a subversive and it was said that he was injected with a cancer giving substance one night during a gig from an unsuspecting audience member.

10. Stanley Kubrick

Wild conspiracy theory, or not, was Stanley Kubrick killed for revealing too much about the ruling elite and their connections to dark occult practices through his last film "Eyes Wide Shut?"

Was he given a drug to fake his heart disease? He died of heart disease but there was no evidence to show a history of related ailments, as commented by his wife, Accidents and was he deemed healthy.


It is the author's intention to encourage enquiry into the above allegations and not blindly accept the claims.

For example, does it mean anything that there is a pattern occurring where in many cases of these suspicious deaths the troubled celebrity is in the limelight with a new album, major tour or film... but dies just before or during its release, coincidently serving as a promotion..? Was it also premeditated as part of the ruling elite's crazy blood ritual sacrifice?

Further, the official reports on the celeb's cause of death in a number of cases have been unclear... Then there are those contradictory findings embroiled in the circumstances running up to the death...

Above all, the see the big picture as a consequence of having read this piece: That there world is run by a relative handful of wealthy controllers and to realize the length and breadth of their covert (as well as overt) suppression and how it affects you.

-Be discerning at all times.

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