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Missing 4-1-1: Was I A Near Miss?

por Deneen Mandalis (2020-08-17)


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Maybe dig a few holes and pour a few concrete piles, don’t look for assistance from city engineers nor any other city employee. The city should look at not only ending torture in the hospitals (a real mismanagement of tax money) but look at compensating people who suffered under the hands of psychiatry. Currently far less than 1% of the people in Canada are ramming their penises up each other’s arseholes, we should not be using taxpayer’s money to encourage the other 99% to do so. These are traditions that have become so important that society is willing to have those who point out the pagan filth be arrested and tortured in psychiatric facilities. It totally could have a perfectly good explanation, but I'm gonna find out what is causing it. Some new homeowners would opt to live in bison-free areas - people should have options in life - governments should be providing options for people rather than taking options away.

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I saw the dining room table where I had sat with Amy about 2 years ago. I complained that the churches were censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism and were teaching people to embrace traditions that are in direct opposition to God’s Commandments and received many years of brutal horrid torture at the hands of predominantly Hindu psychiatrists at the Royal University Hospital at the University of Saskatchewan and at Saskatoon City Hospital. Many people who are repeatedly "treated" to the six-week long psychiatric sessions and end up in Filipino (Catholic) run group homes where the food provided consists mainly of starches (bread and potatoes) and minimal fruits and vegetables. Then, one Sunday morning at the end of January 2019, when I was at a convention, she randomly called me, crying while doing so, and I said that I would text her later about it, due to me going to a panel at the time. If health and fitness are things that end up REALLY mattering to my eventual partner, then I'll try expanding my horizons in those regards more, and I might even like it more than I might expect, but I like to think that, as long as you're not endangering others, it's better to die young because you ate and drank things that taste good and didn't strain yourself than die old because you ate and drank things that taste bad and tore your muscles.