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Victoria's further relaxed restrictions

por Grace Audet (2020-08-12)



* Pubs and clubs can serve drinks for up to 50 people seated without a meal, but social distancing must be adhered to and contact information provided.

* Restaurants and cafes can have up to 50 people in the venue

* Libraries, community centres and halls will be able to open to 50 people

* 50 people may attend auctions and visit auction houses

* Religious ceremonies can increase to 50

* Cinemas, concert venues, theatres and auditoriums can open with up to 50 people per space

* 50 people allowed to visit galleries, museums and amusement parks

* Standalone TABs and those in pubs and clubs can open, but TABs in venues are subject to patron limits

* All sports training and competition will resume for those 18 and under

* Non-contact sports competition can begin across every age group

* Indoor ?????? sports centres and physical recreation spaces like gyms will be able to open to 20 people per space

* Changerooms at gyms, sport centres and pools open

* School camps reopen

*Communal spaces such as showers and kitchens at holiday accommodation and and camping sites will be available to visitors

* Ski resorts open.


*Local football teams, soccer clubs and other contact sports can resume training for over-18s.


*Electronic gaming areas at pubs, clubs and the casino will be reopened, with distancing, cleaning and hygiene requirements

* Full sporting competitions can begin

* Sports clubs and community facilities open.