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LiaKnits: Simple Pocket

por Chester Oaks (2020-11-14)

This warm and wooly cardigan features double-knitted pockets which admittedly are a bit fiddly, but I couldn’t resist the challenge. All is ready. I just want to get a bit of writing done an this blog done and I can go back to my book. I need to re-look at the Information / Claims / Facts that are in the Source of information (like a book or Source) find, where in that book the information is (Citation), Select the appropriate Source Template that best describes What I am looking at, and Where did I get it from. This time, I really didn't have a Source Title to Search, so I looked to see if Ancestry had a Hint for her, that I haven't looked at for a while. It was from a reference in a Family Group Sheet that I have been working on from a Cousin. I understand that the blog post was very long and typed, but it was the only way I could get the full picture of the Filenaming scheme that I use, specifically, in the Family Tree Maker program. As a follow up, I thought that I use the same scheme for all of my files on my computer.

This is important to remember IF you have a computer crash and the only thing you did was an Automatic Back Up, and IF it was backed up on an External Drive or "In the cloud" (or OneDrive, Dropbox), the Media files are NOT included in that FTMB file. People have been using wind turbine power for centuries. Many businesses used to have mats with their company logo and suffered from people smearing their company name in a very negative way. It’s an amazing world created in one weekend for a really small crowd of 400 to 500 people. Unfortunately, both of these rooms were too small to hang washing in. After you navigate to where the file is, like the list of folders above, we are given an option to Link To or Copy the file, into Family Tree Maker. If I do any editing of that Media file in Family Tree Maker, as an example, I have that Original Copy it the Genealogy Folder elsewhere on my computer, 2) when I Back Up my Family Tree Make FILE, the Media Folder, and all of the Media files in that folder are Backed Up, along with the Data (names, dates, places, facts, citations).

Remembering that the Genealogy Do-Over / Go-Over was to look at what we have now, and apply what we / I have learned since I started. When the Genealogy Do-Over concept was introduced, I jumped on the bandwagon, but in my own way. My earlier concept of making in readable and to separate the parts of the filename holds here as well. The important thing to mention here is that it ONLY Backs Up the DATA in that File. If you’d like to read more about it or register to bid you can click here to visit the listing. Then refine, and refine some more. Slip stitch then fasten off. Step 3: Again: once your right needle has followed the path of the red arrow, it will have been inserted first through the right (back) arm of the second stitch on the left needle (the blue stitch) and next through the right (back) arm of the first stitch on the left needle (the green stitch) as shown. An aside on this, that you have a BACK UP before the analysis begins, What IF there is a serious issue within the file and makes that file so that it can't be opened.

Selecting the Backup file before compacting will cause Family Tree Maker to Back Up the file, before it Compacts and performs the extended analysis of the file. The other two items are also standards for our family research. My goal has been to update my database to meet or attempt to meet the standards of these three items. I knit the above sample because hot water bottles are the ultimate in hard-to-dress items. If you are regularly massaged by a therapist, the whole body benefits from it. This happens to be in the Media Workspace, but there are many places where to add a Media file into the program. I do what for two reasons: 1) If something happens to either the original or the copy, I have a Back Up Copy of that Media file. I found this problem while cleaning up my Citations and have created a way to track the clean up and have a plan to manage this clean up. Watch him closely for signs of severe discomfort and aid him in whatever way you can while being very gentle and careful.