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Camera that lay on the bottom of the ocean is reunited with its owners

por Marylyn Ludwick (2020-07-03)

A camera that spent seven years at the bottom of the ocean has been reunited with its owners after their pictures were recovered. 

A group of friends lost their Sony Action Cam at Bondi Beach in October 2013 and they were finally identified on Sunday. 

Jan Kadlec shared the camera's pictures to the Bondi Local Loop Facebook page and called for help with finding the three men in the photos. 

A camera that has laid at the bottom of the sea at Bondi Beach since October 2013 was reunited with its owners (pictured) after their photos were recovered 

A Bondi local uploaded photos from the recovered camera (pictured) to Facebook on Sunday and called for help with identifying the group of German friends

He wrote: 'Does anyone recognise these likely German/Austrian/Swiss gentlemen? 

'Just found their waterproof camera that seems to have been on the sea bottom at Bondi since 29/10/2013.'

Mr Kadlec said he listened to a clip and 'found a sentence that was clearly in German.'  


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'There is a lot of background noise and they very rarely said anything, only one or two words here and there, but I found half a sentence that is 100% in German.'

The series of pictures showed three friends smiling and giving the thumbs up as they walked along the Bondi Beach promenade.  

A bearded man who featured in all of the photos, Phillip Lo, responded within two hours of the post being made.      

'You're the best!

Thanks for 10? finding our camera,' he commented. 

Mr Lo said he had reached out to the camera's owner and confirmed it was lost at Bondi seven years ago. 

 Pictured: The photographs showed three friends walking alongside Bondi Beach in 2013

One of the men (pictured) responded within two hours of the post being uploaded and confirmed that the camera had been sitting at the bottom of the ocean for seven years

Mr Kadlec then updated his post to read: 'Case closed.

Owner found. The Sony Action Cam was indeed seven years at the sea bottom.

'Amazing to watch how powerful the social media is. It took less than two hours! Big thanks to all who helped to find the guys.'

Mr Kadlec said he was surprised to learn the owner was a friend of a friend and was now arranging for the camera to be picked up. 

Commenters were shocked the camera was still able to function after spending seven years in the ocean. 

'Love this, it's crazy that the camera has been sitting under the sea and those photos are still on the SD card,' one man wrote.  

'Great advertisement for the company,' another commenter said. 

Mr Kadlec explained: 'I was surprised that there wasn't any water inside the housing. 

'The metal contacts were a bit oxidised but the SD card still works.'  

Commenters praised the Sony Action camera (pictured) for its durability