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BLACKROCK WORLD MINING: Trust invests globally in listed companies

por Brenna Wahl (2020-06-26)

46278102_622078521542912_773919499291259What is it?

Launched in 1993 and managed by Evy Hambro and Olivia Markham, Blackrock World Mining is an investment trust that focuses on mining and metal assets around the globe, investing principally in listed companies. 

It aims to grow investors' capital, and give them an income.

What does it invest in?

The largest investments in the portfolio include London-listed Rio Tinto, BHP Group and Anglo American, as well as US firm Newmont Mining and Brazilian giant Vale. 





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The London-listed mining companies constitute a large portion of the trust and the top ten holdings make up around 62.3 per cent of its assets.

What do the experts like?

Graham Spooner, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, said: 'The trust is one of the largest of its kind. 

In these troubled times the exposure to gold, which has been increased over the last year to 26.2 per cent of total assets, has been of benefit.'

Any downsides?

Spooner adds: 'Coronavirus has had a negative impact on demand and supply along with the outlook for the global economy, which is a key driver for the sector.'


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