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Movies Out Now Every Sci-Fi Fan Will Love

por Liam Pereira (2020-06-02)

Hustlers ? We've all seen stories about the haves and the have nots, but this movie aims to look at the real-life story of a group of dancers at a gentlemen's club who used their wiles to gain financial stability. It's certainly creating a lot of buzz.

This is an exceptional remake of an earlier film which Kris Kristofferson and best 4k projector Barbra Streisand starred in (which was itself a remake of an earlier film starring Judy Garland and James Mason), and you might think those duos would be hard to top. But Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, and Lady Gaga all give outstanding performances in this wonderful story of a starlet who makes it big, and the music is just as good as the acting. As Bradley Cooper's career hits the skids, he promotes his young protege, who finds her star with his help - but then loses her biggest supporter.

Action movies have been popular almost since the beginning of films in general, with a number of action heroes emerging in westerns, which were the precursor to the more intense action films of today. Ever since the days of Tom Mix, Hopalong Cassidy, and John Wayne, people have been fascinated by the thrill of watching chase scenes, fight scenes, and the strong interplay between good and evil, all set against spectacular backdrops. A big boost was given to action movies by the James Bond series of films, in which the stakes were often raised to include global threats, and the hero often dispatched the bad guys as often with his wit as with his fighting expertise and gadgets.

Chaos reigns at Downtown Abbey when the Crawley family is informed that Queen Mary and King George V will be arriving for a visit. As you might expect, trouble soon comes up when Daisy, Mrs. Patmore, and the whole staff of servants find out that the two royal figures always travel with their own personal attendants and chefs. This provides the setup for a whole series of schemes and shenanigans pulled off by the servants in order to insinuate themselves into the flow of things. This is the perfect complement to the long-running television series and is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Ryan Gosling gives a tremendous performance as a lover of jazz and dance, and Emma Stone is his love in this recent film. Both are striving to jump-start their careers and along the way, they find each other and a searing romance ensues. He is a pianist and she's an actress, and their art pulls them together for a time - and then tears them apart.

Considered a masterpiece by director Tim Burton, this film featured Michael Keaton as Batman and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, in addition to a charmingly grotesque Penguin played by Danny DeVito. All three of these actors delivered spectacular performances and were mesmerizing in every scene they appeared. Danny DeVito in particular has been singled out for providing a performance which is considered among the finest ever filmed of a comic book villain on the big screen.

Sarah Bellows is a young girl who harbors terrible secrets within her, and has written down in a book many of the stories which have tortured her. This book is found by others, who then read them and find that the stories can come to life right before their eyes. Having read the book, people discover that their darkest fears arise to chase after them, generating some terrifying manifestations which relentlessly pursue them. In order to save their own lives, each reader must confront his/her own greatest fears and overcome them.

It's true that most movie-goers like films because those movies transport them to other worlds where they could otherwise never go, but now and then viewers like to be transported to a nearby other world, rather than a totally fabricated one. Here are some great movies to see which will allow you to still engage, but which will be devoid of the kind of characters you'd ordinarily find in superhero movies.

You might go out to dinner or stop for coffee afterward, but the movie will be the centerpiece of your evening, so it just has to be right, and it has to be a film that your partner really enjoys. That being the case, here are five 'can't miss' films, each of which will be so thoroughly enjoyed by your date that it will certainly lead to that all-important second date.

A charming fantasy starring Cary Elwes and Robin Wright, this tale centers around a farmboy who becomes a pirate, and embarks on a quest to find his true love. The obstacles along the way are delightful, as is the love story itself, and this is a film which can be enjoyed by just about everyone, whether you appreciate pirates and princesses or not.

There are some newly evolved zombies which have to be dealt with, and that calls for the whole Zombieland gang to deal with them before the menace can spread. This brings back together the irrepressible Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and a whole cast of zombie fighters, who are all as adept at generating humor as they are at stomping on zombies.

OK, so many of the movies out now aren't completely sci-fi specific, but again, fans of the genre have come to expect this. As such, this is why it's important to understand & appreciate the elements of what makes sci-fi so great so that you can actually see it in other film genres. A quick look over the list of movies here shows that while some of these films aren't quite on the nose when it comes to sci-fi, they: 1) create rules by which the characters operate; and 2) are grounded in reality, even if it's a reality that based on your own suspension of disbelief. How's that for being really meta, huh?!?