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Spain saves 157 migrants in 5 boats crossing from Africa

por Nathan Price (2020-05-27)

47439573082_c79cebedf7_b.jpg?he service ?aid that it reached t?e first boat carrying 27 men and s?x women late on ?riday afte? ?t was sighted ?y ? Spanish military plane. ?nother rescue boat intervened early Saturda? to pull five m?n fr?m ? se?ond boat. Police Major ?eneral Faisal Doweidar will be transferred f?om his position ?? Minya security chief t? a new post ?s deputy chief of security ?t th? ministry, effective Wednes?ay, three security sources said.

The outlook is fundamentally stronger f?r IT Staffing Solutions miners ?nd their supply companies, a?tho?gh lingering nervousness fol??wing the commodity ?rice crash of 2015 m??ns they are unwilling to risk shareholder disapproval ?? embarking ?n major ne? projects. T?e Spanish military helped th? boat dock ?n the island, where th? migrants were picked up ?y t?e rescue service. A third craft in danger of sinking with 35 m?n aboard ?as th?n spotted ?y ? Spanish navy outpost on the Alboran Island ?etween Spain ?nd Morocco.

Thousands ?ie after setting sail ?n overloaded smugglers' boats ?r tiny dinghies th?t a?e unfit f?r the open sea. Ea?h year, tens of thousands of migrants and refugees set off from North Africa acr?ss the Mediterranean Sea, seeking ? ?etter life in Europe. "For most of the markets that the European oil services companies serve, it's almost arithmetically impossible for revenue to go up this year," Alex Brooks, equity analyst ?t Canaccord Genuity, sa?d, referring to a drop in service contracts.

JOHANNESBURG, MAC ?nd PC Support ?ay 29 (Reuters) - South Africa's Weather Service ha? said the likelihood of an El Nino weather pattern, whic? brought ? scorching drought t? southern Africa ?ast ?ear, returning ?ater thi? y?a? ?as decreased. Mining executives predict ? quicker uptake ?n electric vehicles t??n previously expected w?ll lift th? sector ?s a whol? ?s consumption ?f minerals, such as copper ?nd cobalt grows, while oil demand retreats. Executives ?re als? l?kely to detail plans for expanding th? reach ?nd capabilities of ? voice-controlled digital assistant ?urrently available on some smartphones ?nd an internet-connected speaker ?alled Home.

Some of the unveiled products ?on't be o?t unt?l later this ?ear. Google ?s expected t? ?ive t?e crowd a ?ook at ne? twists in it? Android software for mobile devices. ?e've t?ken systems that h??en't traditionally talked t? e?ch othe? ?nd integrated them." We're reinventing how to think about all of these in the realtime world. "W? built software f?r everything, including realtime operational control t? driver management t? scheduling White Cloud Business Systems.

"There is still an expectation that an El Nino event would occur during the coming spring/summer seasons; however, the likelihood has decreased from the previous month's expectation," ?t s?id in its monthly forecast ??en by Reuters on Monday. LONDON, ?ay 30 (Reuters) - Companies supplying miners with equipment ?nd services ?ave performed ?etter than their oil sector peers, buoyed ?y spending on new technology and expectations t?e demand outlook for oth?r minerals is m??e bullish th?n for fuel.