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Mindblowing Facts About Hospital Management Information System

por Leora Stephenson (2020-05-27)

A Hospital Management System is an element of the multidisciplinary field that uses health information technology to improve healthcare that focuses on administration needs of healthcare institutions.

It is an integrated information system which has been designed to operate a hospital's aspect such as medical, administration, financial, legal issues and the corresponding processing of services.

Hospital Management Information System provides a secure, and common source of information about a patient's health history, records of physicians and nurses, and transactions across all departments of the hospital.

The system keeps data in a secure place and has control for those who can have access. This system provides quick response time to the user. It integrates various functions to enhance operational efficiency.

Many hospitals are still using manual systems to manage and maintain critical pieces of information, where lots of paperwork is included and doesn't follow management standard. Multiple copies of the same information can exist and create a fuss in managing data.

The Hospital Management System will automate the process and will make it more efficient and error free.

Hospital Management Information System provides the following features-

Registration -

With the help of this system errors and duplication of data reduces. The system generates a unique registration number and creates the patient index. Registration and information about newborn babies can be retrieved from the mother's record. System generated ID cards and printed patient's label is provided.

Medical records -

Hospital Management System provides patients' healthcare information and history and it makes it easy to search when it is required. The software easily pulls out the required data when it is entered. As all data is computerized, it helps to keep the patient's records private.

Appointment booking -

The system also provides appointment scheduling at days and time slot. It also deals with outpatient appointments and modifications. This helps the patient cut log queue and save time. Hospital software is also equipped with automated email and text message reminder.

Duty roster -

The objective of this system also includes an updating and rescheduling working hours of all employees in the hospital. It stores information about ex-employees as well. It becomes easy to keep records of staff for ?????? their daily attendance and leaves. Helps in maintaining real entry and exit time of all staffs.

Biomedical maintenance -

Biomedical maintenance is required as it ensures that all equipment is checked and performing well. Regular maintenance includes replacing any part which is not working and upgrading software as recommended by the manufacturer.

Outpatient -

Setting up the schedule for outpatient in days and time slot. It also allows making changes if any. Keeps a record of new or repeat visit of patients.

Inpatient -

The HIS stores complete information about the patients who are admitted in the hospital for treatment.

Medical stores and purchases -

Hospital management software provides easy access for the medicines' names and is available in the hospital drug stores.

Lab and pharmacy -

This module of the Hospital information system deals with all medical items and have been designed to fulfil the needs of laboratories and pharmacies department. Thee dedicated systems work for registration, uses of medications, printing & reading, quality control of lab equipment used in the hospitals.

Blood bank -

This system allows keeping detailed and important information about the availability of blood, cross-matching between blood groups, interaction with other blood banks for delivery, stock, and record of blood bags.

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