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Furious Scottish man unleashes abuse at New Zealand family on a beach

por Adrienne Phillips (2020-05-21)

A Scottish man has been filmed hurling abuse at a family who went for a walk on a New Zealand beach despite the nation being in lockdown. family were walking along Browns Bay Beach in Auckland on Saturday morning when the man swore at them while driving past.

New Zealand has declared a state of emergency and is in lockdown, but people who live in the same household have been cleared to leave once a day for exercise.  

The stranger decided to get out of his car and chase after the family. 

His outburst was filmed by the mother, who was walking with her husband and three young kids.  

A Scottish man was filmed hurling abuse about social distancing at a New Zealand beach as they took a walk during the nationwide lockdown

'He said that we were a bad example, that we were walking as a group and we weren't two metres apart from each other,' the mother, who wished to remain anonymous, told the NZ Herald.

'I repeatedly kept trying to explain to him that we were one family living in one house in one bubble.'

Despite the mother's explanation, the furious man continued to scream at the family, shouting: 'You're not teenagers so you should know better!'

'Stay apart! That's all i'm asking. What the problem is is you telling everyone it's okay to stay in a f**king group.' 





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The woman and her husband tried to calm him down, insisting they were a family living in the same household. 

New Zealand ?? ?? entered a near-total lockdown more than a week ago with grocery shopping and local walks one of few things Kiwis are still allowed to do.

They are otherwise confined to their homes unless they are essential workers who have to leave the house to do their jobs.

All of Government controller John Ombler reiterated that households were allowed to go outside together during a press conference on Saturday.

The family were walking along Browns Bay Beach (pictured) in Auckland on Saturday morning when the man swore at them while driving past

'You can leave the house for physical exercise by yourself or with other members of your household, stick to your bubble. By all means, go for a short walk or run in your neighbourhood,' he said.

But the Scottish man on the beach refused to listen to the family and instead unleashed a torrent of abuse which the mother described as 'foul and disgusting'.

'My sons were getting very upset and I started crying because I was so shocked that someone would hurl such horrible words at you just walking as a family. I still can't understand it,' she said.

The family now refuse to return to the beach, despite it being within walking distance of their house.

'There's no chance that we'll get our three boys to the beach again for a family walk, absolutely none,' the mother said. 

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