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7 Sexual Fantasies of Men and Women Exposed

por Bella Paten (2020-05-19)

What is sexual fantasy?
Have you ever imagined having a sexual act with a beautiful stranger? How about having your partner in bed be forced and crushed with heady energy? Have you ever dreamed that your partner would watch you while you undress? Or do you prefer to watch yourself?

These are just some of the erotic mental images that men and women tend to create in their minds. Since sexuality is inherent in man, sexual fantasies are quite normal (and you should not be ashamed). This is a universal phenomenon that most often occurs in men and women who have reached puberty. Although sexuality is common to both men and women, their sexual behavior and tendencies are not exactly the same. Men are tougher and more direct when it comes to their sexual behavior, while women are more personal and romantic. Male sexual fantasies are more adventurous and impersonal, while female sexual fantasies are often focused on their partner or loved ones. According to studies and studies of human sexuality, men think more about sex than women. In addition, male sexual fantasies focus on specific anatomical details, while female sexual fantasies are intertwined with emotions, romance and communication.

The lingering question for men has always been: "What does a woman want?" ... ironically, a woman wants the same thing that men want ... pleasure ... This center will prove that men and women want the same, but vary in frequency and quality ...

Let's find out the most common sexual fantasies of both men and women ...

1. Dominatrix.
Woman: Women naturally love big and strong men. However, in her sexual fantasies, she wants these men to be submissive to her and be ready to fulfill all her desires, needs and desires. She wants to be in control because it makes her feel adored. Since she is completely created in her mind, she can do whatever she wants with her man. She may be the sex goddess worshiped by her own sexual slave ...

Men: Men naturally consider themselves superior to women. The dominance in bed, of course, is very "masculine," so it’s normal for them to fantasize about self-control. They are initially territorial and want their woman to be submissive to them. Men often dream of taking an innocent woman on the bed and passionately making love to her. The idea of ??penetrating an innocent woman awakens a knightly nature in him and makes his imagination delightfully exquisite.

Source 2. Sexual submission.
Woman: Sexual submission is the most widespread and popular sexual fantasy of women. As much as she wants to dominate her man, her female nature makes her long for submission. She wants her man to subdue and subdue more than anything else. Sexual submission makes her feel welcome and secure. She wants her man to take her with hunger and desire, because it makes her feel sexy and beautiful. She imagines his long fingers wriggling in her hair when she tilts her head back and kisses her, passionately coaxing her to answer and open before him.

Man: Just like women, there are times when men like to be controlled. He wants his woman to persuade him and dominate him in bed. This tells him that she knows what she wants, and it excites him when he knows that she will have her own way of getting it. Gone are the days when women wore chains and belts and tied their man to the bed ... even a simple act of greeting him at the door, dressed only in your sexy smile, pulling his tie and pushing him to the bed, leaning on top of him enough to force him go crazy ...

Source 3. Role-playing.
Woman: Women love role-playing games. They often fantasize that they put on a sexy and hot costume and play their role in front of their man. This may be the role of the nerdy student trying to impress his alpha teacher or vice versa. No matter what role she plays, she will surely light her fire and excite her. While she gets a little slap from her man, role-playing is certainly one of the most common sexual fantasies that women want to play in reality.

Man: Like women, men love role-playing games. I don’t know why, but it’s probably because of suits or uniforms. Men want their women to play the role of a naughty schoolgirl, a strict teacher, a strong policewoman, a sexual stewardess, or a brave nurse. Men are visual creatures. Anything that catches their eye undoubtedly gives them pleasure. It is more exciting if the uniform outlines the delightful curves of a woman and shows her long slender legs ...

Source 4. Sex with a stranger.
Woman: every woman wants attention. And nothing gets better when a completely hot stranger with whom she encounters tears her off her feet, taking her somewhere where they can be alone, and passionately makes love to her, not caring about what will happen next .. Although women are too individual when it comes to intimacy, they still crave attention and pleasure without any conditions ... It is not necessary that the atmosphere is special ... it can be in a bar, on a secluded beach, in a deep forest. .. anywhere, as experience is good. Sex with a stranger allows women to be adventurous and carefree ... it makes them feel irresistible that a hot stranger wants her to take it ...

Man: this is a more masculine tendency to engage in casual sex, so it is not surprising that sex with a stranger is one of many sexual fantasies of men. Studies show that most men fantasize about women that they do not know on a personal level. They always find women attractive anytime, anywhere. It is not surprising that when they first meet a woman, their eyes linger on the more feminine parts of the body. Is her waist small? Are her hips wide? Is her breast large enough to suit his taste? Are her legs long, slender and smooth? If all the answers are to his taste, then the woman will surely accept ... the smell of raw flesh and unknown pleasure is enough to seduce his feelings ...

Source 5. Group sex.
Woman: no matter how the owners actually are, women usually would not want to share their men. But in her sexual fantasy, a woman can be truly adventurous and courageous. Group sex can be with another woman or with two equally handsome men. The idea that under her feet there will be two magnificent men who obey her call and call gives women insanely pleasant pleasure. Adding another sexy woman to the photo enhances her pleasure and allows her to explore more than she can imagine. Group sex allows her to experience the best of both worlds. She can watch her man kissing another woman while she is busy with another man. She can experience both on herself. Hearing the moan of pleasure of another woman, besides her own, is so intoxicating that it is enough to make her hot and humid.

Man: If women can share their men with another woman, this is not the same with men. Men want to be the only man among sexy women. This is purely natural, because men are inherently territorial. Group sex for men means that there should be as many women on his bed as possible. As always, he wants to show his masculinity, and there is no better way to prove this than to satisfy women one by one, adoring and exploiting them, as you like. The sight of two women kissing each other and examining their bodies, hearing their moans of pleasure, will definitely drive him crazy ...

Source 6. Voyeurism.
Woman: Women fantasize about secret observation when she undresses or when she does something naughty for herself ... In addition to observation, she also likes to watch for the same reasons as men. The adrenaline rush she gives when she secretly looks out the bedroom window, seeing her neighbors stare, is definitely worth the fun, and it excites her.

Man: men are visual beings; Of course, voyeurism is part of their favorite fantasies. They really will love to spy on their favorite passion after school, when she changes clothes from the window of their bedroom. He loves to watch any sexual intercourse, and this is the main reason why men in pornographic films and magazines. In the same way, men would like to sneak out and see how her sexy neighbor undresses and dresses with her boyfriend.

Source 7. Forced sex and the elusive fantasy woman.
Woman: According to research, rape and forced sex is one of the highest sexual fantasies that a woman craves. In reality, however, this is what a woman never hopes to experience. Since the imagination is free and limitless, rape in her imagination gives the woman a different experience. This allows her to have sex, which she secretly longs for ... hot, dirty, cruel, energetic and wild. Everything happens in accordance with her desire, and, since it is only in her imagination, she is never hurt, no matter how painful or cruel she may be. Mentally, she tries to object, but deep down she hurts with pleasure ...

Man: Men do not have to fantasize about rape. Rather, they go to the elusive woman. The idea that he cannot have a woman to accept in reality makes him accept her in his own imagination. The more elusive a woman, the more useful and enjoyable his fantasies become when he takes her. And what’s good in this situation is that he can take it as much as he wants, and anytime he wants ... It can be a distant relative or a celebrity whom he admires ... the more difficult it is to demand her, the more passionate his fantasies are obtained.

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