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Joe Exotic's Scottish friend says Tiger King is wrongly behind bars

por Almeda Burr (2020-05-13)

A British pal of Netflix sensation Joe Exotic insists the self-dubbed 'Tiger King' is wrongly serving jail time and was set up for the planned murder of Carole Baskin.  Kayleigh McIntosh-Lowrie has spoken out after spending years communicating with the Tiger King, also known as Joe Maldonado-Passage, online regarding big cat breeding. Joe Exotic rocketed to fame following the airing of a Netflix series packed with twists and turns, documenting his life as the owner of hundreds of rare wild animals and his eventual downfall which would lead to a prison sentence via conspiracy to commit murder.  Stirlingshire-based Kayleigh sees comparison between herself and Joe Exotic, though insists she just deals with 'small cats' such as servals, bobcats and caracals The 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic shot to fame after a Netflix series packed with twists and turns, and was given 22 years in prison for conspiracy to murder his rival Carole Baskin RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Meet Australia's own 'Tiger King': Zoo keeper turned exotic...

white-wall-and-blue-sky.jpg?width=746&foEXCLUSIVE: Tiger King's Joe Exotic 'killed more than 100... Share this article Share Kayleigh, 32, from Stirlingshire, Scotland, feels that after watching the series it is clear her friend was framed for attempting to have big cat rival Carole Baskin killed.  Speaking during an interview with the Daily Record, she insisted: 'I honestly think he got set up. I don't think he was plotting to kill Carole at all. Not many cat owners would believe he really wanted to kill her.

Kayleigh McIntosh-Lowrie (above), 32, has defended fellow big cat breeder Joe Exotic, who she used to speak with online in the years before his jailing 'Joe was all talk and that's quite different to actually killing someone.'  Kayleigh said online chat groups such as Exotic Animal Owners and Friends, and Big Cats turned into a 'war zone' after Joe and Carole clashed with conflicting opinions and morales.  She added: 'It all got really personal and nasty but I'd have to say just about everyone I know supported Joe and pretty much couldn't stand Carole.

But Joe did get a bit obsessed with her, which caused a lot of problems. Joe, 57, is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence over a plot to kill Carole. The series captured his eccentric nature and used footage of the tiger owner shooting a mocked up model of Carole in the head. Kayleigh runs her Stylisticat International operation with husband Gordon in Perthshire, and says she specialises in 'small cats' servals, bobcats and caracals, whereas the Tiger King was renowned for much more powerful animals.

She added: 'I haven't spoken to Joe for a while so I was pretty intrigued when he popped up on TV. The programme probably captured a lot of the mad stuff in his life.  Kayleigh, 32, feels that after watching the series it is clear her friend Joe (pictured feeding one of his lions in 2016) was framed for attempting to have big cat rival Carole Baskin killed Animal activist Carole (above) was portrayed as Joe Exotic's long time rival and became embroiled in a series of ugly public spats with the eccentric big cat owner

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