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Things Millennials Care About When Shopping Online

por Sammy Galbraith (2020-05-13)

Online shopping in undoubtedly quite a popular thing for many millennials. Here is a list of what matters to them mostly when shopping online:

User Experience

The entire user experience on an online marketplace is something that will determine which online shopping sites Millennials frequent. User experience is a factor that has a very huge impact on customer satisfaction and retention. There are several aspects that determine user experience like site load speed, search and navigation tools, broken landing pages, long checkout processes and response speed. Millennials would not go back to a site that takes a while to load pages, and offers no detailed information on products.

Best Price

Who wouldn't want to buy subwoofer online for the best price? Millennials care about price and they will always go for the best price over everything else. Millennials are bound to thoroughly research on a product before purchasing and will only go for a product if the price is competitive.

Loyalty Rewards

How do you get Millennials to be loyal when there are very many online shopping sites striving for their attention in Kenya? It does not matter if they are buying as item as simple as a cheap shoe rack online. Many consumers falling under this age bracket love it when everything they buy counts


There has been negative perceptions on the quality of items online shopping sites. Therefore quality is key.

Reliability and Efficiency

Millennials are very proactive and they are likely to stock around where there is proactive customer support. This includes providing multi-channel support as well as reliability and efficiency all-round.

Safety and Privacy Control

Nobody would want to access an online shopping store only for their privacy to be breached. Safety payment options are very key to attracting Millennials

Brand Buzz

Is there a hype around your brand? This is likely to be a key factor in attracting millennials to your online shopping site. Brand buzz and brand trust more or so go together hand in hand. With internet accessibility spreading all through, it is easy now to get good publicity and reviews on online channels and social media.


Online shopping has made it easy for everyone to shop from anywhere in the world and at any time. One of the major challenges however, has been delivery to the end consumer. For instance, with most online shopping sites, orders are delivered to your doorstep after a stipulated period of 2-5 days. For millennials there is always that feeling that the delivery might be done to a wrong address/location or they may get lost somewhere while in transit. There is also the possibility that the ordered items may arrive later than the stipulated delivery period.

Refund and Return Policy

For millennials, this is very vital. Everyone would like to know how online shopping site handle returns and refunds before purchasing any product. . It is not uncommon to make a purchase then change your mind later. Or, you may also pay for an item that has gone out of stock. In this case, it is always important for a young consumer to know whether they will be refunded or not. Or what if the items like a led smart tv gets damaged while on transit. What happens? Do you get a replacement? Who pays for the shipping of the item back to the warehouse? There are questions millennials would want clearly answered.

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