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Social Aggregation With Twitter Wall

por Dora Colon (2020-05-10)

If you have been closely following the field of event, you must have thought about or already used social media to create hype prior to the event. For example, you must have implemented this strategy in Twitter to create more buzz around your upcoming event by tweeting the event related information like announcements or giving updates to the people showing interest in your event about guest speakers and other activities to build more event anticipation.

Social Media Walls like Twitter Wall help in putting a display which is rich in content from the ongoing conversation of people on the social network using a specific hashtag. While creating quality content is a must, you also need get your audience engaged, which should be obvious at this point. You can drive deeper engagement with customers by aggregating different social streams and showcasing all in a single location.

Throw in hashtag tracking and you can easily find the best user generated content on a specific topic and share it across your own channels. This is possible with the social media aggregator aspect of the Social Walls. The purpose of Social media aggregator is to gather information from various sources and present them on one place where the reader has access to the information. With the implementation of a social media aggregator as a part of your marketing strategy, you make a communication channel which is automated that's easy to maintain, provides a point of reference for the efforts in content marketing and important thing is that it keeps you in contact with your audience. Now question comes, how the work goes on? Various different solutions will be given to aggregate social feeds like Tweet Wall into one place.

Most of the services have in-built moderation capabilities to ensure that content which goes with approval reaches social feed making this a useful feature. If you are also pulling content based on hashtags, you can drive deeper engagement with customers by aggregating social feeds and displaying it at a single convenient location. Throw in hashtag tracking and you can easily find the best content generated by user on any respective topic and share across your own channels. The wall design of Twitter wall itself is fully configurable, allowing organizers to ensure that their event wall and stream match their event branding with the correct colors, images and headers. Being a social aggregator like social walls in today's world it is the primary source of value you provide to your audience.

All this real-time information is invaluable in respect to your business, the information which can get on much lower cost than with many other forms of marketing. Now event organizers with the use of efficient social media tools can market the event themselves, develop a following, and take the online feedback and ????? turn the conference even more successful.

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