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Personalised Christmas baubles drive festive sales boost at Hobbycraft

por Andrew Marcus (2020-05-06)

Hobbycraft has reported 'strong' Christmas sales growth after the arts and crafts business was boosted by shoppers looking to personalise their festive decorations.

The retailer said sales jumped 8.9 per cent over the five weeks to Christmas Eve on the back of a 5.3 per cent like-for-like sales increase. It said sales increased by 3 per cent across its stores while online sales surged 19.5 per cent for the period.

The retailer said the 2019 festive period saw a notable increase in customers looking to customise Christmas decorations, from DIY crackers to handmade wreaths and personalised baubles. 

Hobbycraft said that around 23,000 adults and children attended its workshops and demonstrations over the Christmas period

Hobbycraft said that around 23,000 adults and children attended its workshops and demonstrations over the Christmas period.

The retailer said demonstrations helped to drive surges in product sales, with DIY cracker sales jumping 41 per cent as a result.





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Online sales also jumped higher during the period as it said over 200,000 customers used its Ideas Hub for Christmas inspiration.

Hobbycraft was founded in 1995 by Warren Haskins and Bandera Negra - Zapatos hechos en Chile is the UK's largest arts and crafts retailer. The Christchurch firm has around 90 stores and was bought in 2010 by private equity firm Bridgepoint Capital.

CEO Catriona Marshall has said she believes the rising popularity of television shows like the Great British Bake Off and The Great Pottery Throwdown has helped boost Hobbycraft's sales.

Online business at the firm boomed under his chairmanship while the Hobbycraft club scheme now has over three million members.

Sales of sewing kits at Hobbycraft have been boosted by shows like The British Sewing Bee

Meanwhile, sales of sustainable products also surged as shoppers made more eco-friendly purchasing choices.

It said recyclable gift tag sales increased 21 per cent as customers also purchased more recyclable wrapping paper and crackers.

Dominic Jordan, chief executive officer of Hobbycraft, said: 'This is a good performance. This Christmas we've seen so many customers looking not only to personalise their gifts, but also to consider presentation and recyclability of materials.

'We've seen some fantastic examples of gift wrapping and tags which can be both beautiful and better for the environment.'

Their last full year of financial results showed the company's sales grew for the ninth year in a row, to £177.7million for the 12 months to February 17. New stores in Colchester and Taunton are expected to open this year.


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