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What are one direction's twitters

por Jannie Dennis (2020-05-05)

Niall's Twitter account is @NiallOfficial, Harry's Twitter account is @Harry Styles, Zayn's Twitter is @zaynmalik, Liam's Twitter account is @Real_Liam_Payne, and Louis's Twitter account is @Louis_Tomlinson._ is One Directions Facebook names?
They do not have Facebooks. Although they do have Twitters.

What are the twitters of one direction?
Their twitters are @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial @ZaynMalik @Harry_Styles And @Louis_Tomlinson (:

Why are birdwatchers called 'twitters'?
Birds go tweet. And twitters is shorter and catchier than birdwatcher.

Does Chris Brown have two Twitters?
No he has one account - @chrisbrown

When are one direction doing their next twitcam?
Check their twitters often.

What are 'Twitters'?
People who have a account and tweet regularly either via the website our other 3rd party tools are known as Twitters or Twits.

Do One Direction members have Tumblr?
yep and all of em have twitters as well

How do you get a hold of One Direction?
To speak directly with members of One Direction, I would suggesting contacting them through their official Twitters (a quick search will lead you to their twitters). You can also visit their official webpage: where there are opportunities to be involved with contests, discussions ect. with other fans.

What is Twitters technical name?
hey i guess twitters technical name would be a "social microblogging platform".

How do you read protected Twitters?
The only way to read someones protected twitters is to follow them and have them follow you back.

Can you subscribe to twitters without making one?
No you can't, you need to have a twitter account to "follow" someone

What is Mandy jiroux real twitter account?
@mandyjiroux and her personal one is @mandydorkjiroux her ONLY two twitters

Matt hardy and Jeff hardys msn?
They dont have one. They both have twitters MATTHARDYBRAND and JEFFHARDYBRAND And Matt has a Myspace

How many bitter twitters could a sister tweet about if a sister could tweet about bitter twitters?
well twitter is no way nere safe

Where is Twitters headquaters?
San Francisco.

What are lostprophets Twitters?
Their Twitter account is @lostprophets

What is One Directions manager called?
One directions mangers name is Paul xx

What sound does a swallow make?
a swallow twitters on the web

What is the plural of Twitter?
The plural form of twitter is twitters.

What is twitters vision statement?
They don't have a specific statement.

What is all of Justin Bieber's twitters?
he has 100 friends

What are 1D emails?
I know that their fan email is Also they have twitters you can follow them on. You can just google "one twitter" to find that. Hope that helps!

What is the difference between intermdite directions and cardnial directions?
one is specificer

How many sisters does Liam Payne from One Direction have And how old are they?
Liam currently has two older sisters. One of them is Nicole and the other one is Ruth. Nicole is 22 and Ruth is 20. Their twitters: @NicolaPayne2788 and @RuthPayne0990 =)

What are the release dates for AKA Shaman - 2011 Twitters or Tweeters 1-4?
AKA Shaman - 2011 Twitters or Tweeters 1-4 was released on: USA: 22 May 2011

Does Barack Obama's daughters have Twitters?
They are too tall to have twitter

What is One Directions favorite flower?
One directions favourite flower is a rose, because it symbolizes love. lol

What is one directions first album called?
One directions first album is called 'Up All Night'.

What are One Directions faviorite games?
1 directions my fav is harry styles

Do crocks and alligators spin in both directions or just one?
Both directions.

Where can one find directions without using Google?
One can find directions without using Google by consulting a map or asking a person for directions. One could also use a GPS to help navigate to his or her destination.

What refers to directions halfway between the cardinal directions?
An intercardinal, or ordinal, or intermediate, direction is one of the four intermediate compass directions located halfway between the cardinal directions.

What is one directions favorite perfume on a woman?
One Directions favorite perfume on women is their own perfume called 'Our Moment.'

What do you call a person who Twitters?
They are called TWITTERERS . cool name huhh

Does Justin Bieber like The Outsiders?
Sure, why do you think he twitters everyone?

Is Justine Ezarik iJustine the girlfriend of Twitters Jack Dorsey?
No she isn't.

One way to test a mineral is to break it and see how many directions of what it has?
...directions of cleavage...

What accounts do One Direction have?
they all have twitters, although niall uses his the most you can subscribe to Liam and Zayn on facebook Harry uses his instagram quite often they all have twitcams

How do you keep touch with one direction?
Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or their personal twitters to get regular information to "keep in touch". Twitter: ??? @onedirection @real_liam_payne @niallofficial @zaynmalik @louis_tomlinson @harry_styles

What is one directions first album?
One Directions debut album released on 21 November 2011 is titled Up All Night.

Where can one find AAA driving directions?
One can find AAA driving directions on the official website of AAA under the sections AAA travel, AAA maps and driving directions. The website offers a comprehensive guide for this.

What are the directions to the United center in Chicago?
The directions (including public transportation) to the sports arena United Center in Chicago are listed on the website UnitedCenter. One can find directions and parking information and a map of the directions on the menu United Center under Directions and Parking.

How does one find directions to Toronto Court Chambers?
One of the best way to find directions to Toronto Court Chambers is to locate it on a map and plan a route from where one is currently located to the chambers. Another way to find directions is by asking someone that resides in the city.

Where could one find driving directions from AA?
The AA website gives directions to and from their establishments. This is the best place to research directions from the AA companies because it is from their site.

What are One Directions favourite numbers?
One cuz they are ONE direction!!

Are Twitters real?
Yes, Twitter accounts are real. They're run by real people.

Does Michael Jackson's kids have Twitters?
No, none of his children have a Twitter, the ones claiming to be them are fake.

Does Nick Jonas have a twiiter?
None of the Jonas brothers have personal Twitters, Myspaces or facebooks!

How can you make your twitter different from other people's twitters?
Use an individual design on your profile.

What is One Directions livestream?
No one should give out this information.

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