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3 Must Do's When Transitioning to Digital Newspaper Publishing

por Thao Wendt (2020-05-02)

Taking your newspaper or magazine digital is a big step for any publication. There are lots of moving parts to consider and unless you've done it before you probably have no idea where to start. helping over 400 publications take the leap into the digital realm and over 10 years of experience in cloud innovation, we've learned a thing or two about how to best transition into the digital newspaper world.

Here are 3 best practices that should be at the forefront of your mind when deciding how to go digital.

1. Create a Flexible User Experience

According to Ericsson's latest Mobility Report there will be 6.1 Billion smart phone subscribers worldwide by 2020. And that doesn't even consider the tablet market. It's virtually impossible to design an individual experience for every smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop on the market. You need to have a responsive design that will seamlessly and automatically scale to fit the user's device no matter the operating system or screen size.

A mistake that we see too many publications make is attempting to create a "native" digital publication for every operating system. As our world continues to grow and new devices begin popping up all over the world, this becomes an expensive and overwhelming undertaking very quickly.

Make sure that your digital newspaper publishing company is able to provide you with responsive technology that will allow your digital newspaper to grow with technology, not be stilted by it.

2. Bring Your Content to the Next Level

By taking your newspaper or magazine digital you're opening your stories and ????? content up to all of the rich media the internet has to offer. You have to utilize a digital newspaper publishing platform that can offer you the rich media integration, social media connections and xml feed options that your readers expect in our digital age.

We often see print publications assume that all they need to do is publish their articles on-line and leave it at that. Unfortunately, that's simply not enough for today's consumers and in order to stay competitive, your digital newspaper has to bring its content to the next level. Make sure that your digital newspaper publisher has the servers, know-how and experience to properly enhance your media.

3. Have Seamless Subscription and Advertising Options

Your publication is a business and your digital newspaper publishing platform has to be able to meet your business needs as well as your content needs. By going digital you're opening up your publication to a second stream of advertising inventory and revenue as well as giving readers another way to subscribe to your publication. Don't squander this incredible revenue opportunity with poorly placed ads, too few ads or a clunky and difficult subscription process.

Make your ads and your subscription offers as seamless and easy as possible. Not only will this increase your revenues but it gives your readers a positive experience and they'll be more likely to recommend your newspaper to friends and family.

It doesn't matter whether you've gone digital before or if this is your first foray into the digital newspaper publishing space, you have to choose a platform that has the expertise, technology and experience to transition your newspaper or magazine to the digital space right the first time.

Readers and advertisers are increasingly moving online digital newspaper publishing and mobile, the publishers have no choice but to move with them. Our flagship solution Publication Cloud help publishers connect with customers in entirely new way in this space.