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Twitter Inc Periscope to Play a Key Role in User Engagement And Growth

por Naomi Rosanove (2020-05-02)

Twitter recently launched live video app Periscope could be the answer to its user-engagement problems

Twitter Inc. has been a focus for both analysts and shareholders, mostly relating to the ability of the company top attract a wide set of users, almost similar to those of social network giant Facebook Inc. In spite of reaching the mark of almost 288 million users monthly in the previous year, the company is still critiqued on its inability to cross expectations regarding engagement of user on the website.

Though, undoubtedly Twitter Inc. has made a social mark, and has set new standards for exchange of information, however the issue of satisfactory users engagement remains. Although information related to most trending news through tweets are professed with a lot of interest, these tweets can be easily seen through 3rd party platforms.

Since 2014, management of Twitter has been persistently trying to solve the problem with low user engagement. Recently, the company has incurred heavy investments to establish its capabilities to attract fresh customers. The Periscope acquisition -a video application two months ago is the most recent addition to these investments and has the ability to change the company's future. This video application permits the user to upload a video in real time. It was launched last week under the banner of Twitter.

Periscope worth around $75 to $100 million at the time of acquisition. Lately, investment company Jefferies rated the stock of Twitter as Buy. Jefferies' thesis was completely bullish and it precisely quoted Periscope in a positive way. It is optimistic that Periscope will play a major role in increasing the user base at Twitter and it will take advertisement to a new level.

Apart from the interesting features of the video app, an extended list of celebrities is also linked with Periscope. The micro blogging firm can benefit from it in engaging more users. These famous celebrities include Tony Hawk, who is a professional skateboarder, and Aaron Paul, an actor who featured as Jesse Pinkman in a hit TV series Breaking Bad of AMC television.

Periscope is surrounded by some major challenges from its competitor's live video applications such as Meerkat. Although, present trends specify that interest of user in Meerkat has been declining since last month, during the similar time period Periscope was launched under the banner of Twitter.

Recently, the social media website has been emphasizing on mobile internet, ?????? as almost 80% of its users used the Twitter's app through mobile phone. Furthermore, advertising revenue of 88% comes from mobile users and made it the core business of the company. Keeping in mind that growth of the company depends heavily on mobile phone users so introducing an application like Periscope can bring a lot of advantage to its long-term success.

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