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What are the nine words for love

por Kristy Olney (2020-04-28)

Eros-Romantic Love

Philia-Friendship love

Storge-Affectionate Love

Agape-Unconditional Love

Ludas/Paidia-Playful Love

Philautia-Contemplative Love

Pragma-Longstanding Love

Paideuo-Tough Love

& Eleos-Merciful Love

750 words for give love and get love?
"I LOVE YOU" are the 750 words for give love and get love

share: How do you make someone fall in love with you when your nine?
You're nine, ????? you shouldn't be worrying about love yet. Just wait.

share: Are there any other words for love?
love is has different meanings that the only words is love

share: What is the title of this song we can have a pure love a love from afar a pure love wherever we are who's the singer?
Pure Love by Ronnie Milsap Pure love, baby it's pure love Milk and honey and Captain Krunch and you in the morning Pure love baby it's pure love Ninety-nine and forty-four one hundreds percent pure love Pure love You're the picture of pure love Ninety-nine and forty-four one hundreds percent pure love I wake up with sunshine (sunshine) Laying beside me And bluebirds singing right outside my window Soft warm kisses (kisses) Say good morning... Read More

share: Love words that start with i?
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

share: What do the latin words amamus amatis and amant?
We love, you love, they love.

share: Name a two words phrase that's end with love?
brotherly love endless love first love free love puppy love tough love true love unconditional love

share: What love words start with the letter v?
Vow is a love word. Virtuous and vibrant are additional love words.

share: Why do you feel like cheating on your husband of nine years?
b/c you love him but you aren"t IN LOVE with him

share: What song contains these words I love you love?
These Words by Natasha Bedingfield.

share: What are the French words for the English words love always?
to love always = aimer toujours love always = l'amour toujours

share: What is a Beatles song with Love in the title?
all you need is love, words of love, love me do, You've got to hide your love away, she loves you, can't buy me love, and i love her, it's only love

share: What is the song with part of the lyrics that says 'I love you I love you I love you I love you'?
its called These Words by natasha bedingfield!

share: What were Mother Teresa's final words?
Mother Teresa's final words were "Jesus give me your love..." Mother Teresa's last words were '' I love you Jesus i love you.......''

share: Who sing the song Love an everlasting love love can bring you near to me?
its words by boyzone

share: What are the lyrics to love song?
There will be definetly words "love" "you" and "I"

share: Write a Essay minimum 750 words Topics Give Love Get Love?
Love is a special feeling for somebody. But how can we get love? And give love? you can get love by giving your heart to someone that you love and once you gave your love you can get love to someone to whom where you give your heart.

share: What does cheryl Cole's 3 words mean?
It's about love. The 3 words are "I love you"

share: Comment on Where Love is There God is Also?
Answer The God itself is LOVE, in other words where love is there God is.

share: What is the name of a George Gerswin song that has the words The and Love in the title?
The Man I Love. The Man I Love.

share: What love words starting with letter K?
Kind is a love word. Kindhearted is a love word.

share: What 70s song had the lyrics i love you i love you yes i do but the words wont come?
I Love You by The Zombies

share: How do you get a man two love you?
You can't garentee a man's love, but his love will better come if you love him too, and show it with actions and words.

share: What word means love of words?
A word that provides a meaning for the love of words is the word: logophilia. The love of words is logophilia, the lover of words is a logophile. A smaller, but inclusive, category is the lover of long words; the sesquepedalian.

share: What is the theme of the poem at thirty nine?
Love. Nostalgy.

share: I am a cat person are you?
yes I love them YES. I have nine. :)

share: Which love words that start with the letter n?
Words that start with the letter N and are love words are newlyweds. Nuptials could also work because it refers to vows spoken out of love.

share: French words for love?
Amour is the French word for love.

share: What other words mean falling in love?
falling in love

share: How do you make a girl love you with words only?
say i love you

share: Are there any love words that start with the letter x?
xenodocheionology is love of hotels and xenophilia, the love of foreigner.

share: What are the abstract nouns for love and hate?
The words love and hate are abstract nouns, they are words for emotions.

share: How do you spell love her in Spanish?
"Love her" needs more detail to translate correctly. The separate words are "amar" (to love) and "ella" (she, her). The conjugation depends in the manner the words are used. The phrase "I love her" is "la amo." The phrase "he doesn't love her" is "(él) No la ama."

share: What do you call a person who loves learning new words?
A logophile is a lover of words. It doesn't neccesarily mean you love learning new words, but that you love words in general. Hope this helps! much love, ~eml~

share: What kind of nouns are Love and happiness?
The noun 'love' and the noun 'happiness' are singular, common, abstract nouns; words for emotions; words for things. The word 'love' is also a verb: love, loves, loving, loved.

share: What are the seven Greek words in the Bible for love?
Thegreek words are mainly Agape, Eros. Answer: There are only 3 of the 4 Greek words for love used in the Bible: Agape or Godly love, the highest and purest form of love; Phileo or friendship/brotherly love; and storge meaning love of a parent to a child. The term eros meaning erotic love closely associated with porneo - base word for pornography is not found in Scripture.

share: The song the twelve days of Christmas your true love brought to you nine what?
Nine ladies dancing

share: What is the latin words of i love you?
"te amo" Literally means "You, I love", more natural English: "I love you". Italian uses the exact same words. "Te amo." Breakdown: te : accusative of tu (you) amo : I love

share: Are you cheating if you stop saying i love you?
No ANSWER: It depends, but in a way it's normal to someone not to say the words I love you. Most men are the one that have a hard time saying the words love. Don't feel bad because the man I married hardly say to me the words love.

share: Love words starting with the letter a?
Amore to' (i love u in Italian)

share: How do you spell love and peace?
The words are spelled as asked, "love and peace".

share: What word or words can be made from the word Love?

share: What can you do to make your man knows that you love him?
Tell him in words say I Love You

share: What are the Hebrew words for love and strength?
love = ahava (××"ב×") strength = ko'akh (כוח)

share: What is the latin words for kings love?
amor regis= the king's love

share: How do you love lyrics?
I love lyrics in words so i can copy them down.

share: Im 14 My gf wants me to explain to her in words how i love her i show her how much i love her in actions but she wants to hear it in words 6 months and I'm deeply in love with her how do i tell her?
tell her "no words in the entire world could ever explain how much i love you" or just use a bunch of descriptive words.

share: What is the name of the song that the chorus is I love you repeated several times?
These words are my words, by Natasha Bedingfield. There are probably many others, for example Michelle by The Beatles which includes the lyric "I love you, I love you, I love you, that's all I want to say..."

share: Words meaning love that start with E?
One of the Greek words for love (there are five) is Eros, and means passionate love, generally referring to the emotion felt between lovers.

share: What is the Philippines words for i love you?
Here are the exact word for "I Love You" I - LOVE - mahal YOU - kita So it's "MAHAL KITA"

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