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Air Jordan 2009 Review

por Angela Beamon (2020-04-28)

Air Jordan 2009 were designed by Jason Mayden. It is an incredibility Air Jordan shoes. Ankle Support is similar to AJ14. Use extra leather to strengthen ankle this region immobility.

One thing that different to AJ14 is that, the height of the AJ14 inside and outside are obvious,AJ2009 although also has similar height difference, but the gray lining, to further push the fixed effects. In the part of ankle outside, tour sapa t? hà n?i most of the shoe body pleated satin by the materials that can constitute silk luster. Actually the tactility and soft feel. they are the characteristics of fabrics. So you won't feel the instep shoes or shoe body from the force feeling. But in fact, this AJ11 the forever with the elastic nylon tied not tight shoe body is a bit similar, you won't feel him there, but in fact he really there.

Must first be preparing for AJ2009 Bermuda grass sharp Nick is does not have a chirp called catch Mayden conservationists, stylist to Jason jagged love the still pretty AJXX1 grounding approach from AJXX2, M5 etc, and AJXX3 is to Tinker himself holding a different style, so being serrated Nick catch is good, but easy wear and wet slippery floor in the entire broken reactive faults, this is really a training-camp serrated though also plain, but the key place of predicting surface and outer with serrated flat, believe interoperability dimple deficiency, practical catching also did say stop, tie-in inside and outside Outrigger (outward protruding design), the best AJ2009 before palm. The kung fu grip fluctuation in AJ2009 not only confined to this special modeling, heel is mainly to APT shock absorber structure design, but its outsole Nick climb aboard, made the players a focal points and the design in the utility of low when turning or especially large. Note the heel and the Angle of contacts of landing scratches.

AJ2009 to fencing mask for inspiration metal mesh vamp may bring some breathable pleated satin fabric, improvement of congenital breathable advantage has, but even so, AJ2009 permeability can only say that level performance, without too much surprise part.

Air Jordan 2009? is one of my favorite shoes. I bought them from After the jump, you can see more detail.