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Difference between 2D Animation and 3D Animation

por Mari Fowles (2020-04-28)

We all have gone through the phase where animations were the coolest things that we have ever seen. Whether it is a disney movie or any kids cartoon show there was something extraordinarily special about those. That feeling actually hit us at some another level when as a kid, we watch characters moving and acting like real stuff.

In this tech savvy world, it can do a lot more think that we imagine. Animation has become a new tool for visual communication as it offers a whole new platform to showcase creativity and expression to the designers.

While there are different types of animation in the industry, 2d and 3d animation has still occupied the first position in the industry. There are few differences between them but before going into it in detail, let's have a look what is the actual meaning of them.

2D animation : 2d animation involves the movement of character in two dimensional (2D) space. 2d animation is one of the traditional animations and it still starts with basic paper drawing. 2d objects can only be measured in height and length not in depth. Some examples of 2D animated shows are : The Simpsons, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Looney Toons, Dragonball Z, Tom and Jerry, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Lion king and many more.

3d animation : 3d animation also involves the character making but here the character is given a skeletal structure to give a realistic effect to character and the environment.3d motion gives more real touch as it can be viewed from a different point of views. Some examples of 3D animated shows Toy Story, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Up, Despicable Me, Shrek:

Let us head towards the major differences between 2D & 3D animation.

Measurement: In 2D animation objects can only be measured in height and width but in 3d motion objects can be measured in height, width and depth too. The 3D characters are more complex in nature because of high quality realistic images.

Cost: ??? 2d animation is cost effective. You do not need to pay high prices for software. The only requirement in 2D is of a person who knows sketching aptly. Well in case of 3d, it depends on you how much you can spend on rendering software. You have to shell out more money from your pocket which even makes 3D courses pretty much costlier.

Frames and movements : 2D animation is all about frames whereas other one works according to the movements.

Environments and conceptual designs: For conceptual drawing and environments 3D is preferred by every designer. In 2D animation it is impossible to give high quality and realistic detail to the environments, so designers always prefer 3d over 2D.
So now you know what makes the 2d animation and 3d motion different from each other. If you have that zeal to convert the still images into animation and also know that how to bring lifeless images into motion then you should dive into the world of animation.

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