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Morning sex ?ith m? ?ig tits girlfriend

por Alma Hart (2020-04-27)

I kissed ??r with ferocity, t?king ??r mouth ?ith ? burning possession, tasting h?r sweetness ?ith deep, languid licks. ?h? whimpered. ??e vibration sizzled straight through m? ?nd stiffened m? ?lready erect cock. I pressed m? hardness ?gainst th? firm, silken flesh ?f ??r ?ottom. ?eing ?n m? wife’s presence ?ept m? hunger f?r h?r eternally burning, ne??r f?lly extinguished, ?espite ?everal ?ears ?f marriage. ?h? had stolen m? heart ?nd ? kne? I would ne??r ?et ?t ?ack.

"Good morning, baby," sh? cooed, twining ??r ??nd ?round m? neck.

"?ood morning." ? smiled ?nd leaned ?n to whisper ?n h?r ear, "?’m ?? hard f?r ??u."
"And ?’m wet f?r ??u."

??r thick black mane ?f hair lay ?ike ?n exotic fan ?cross t?? ?hite pillowcase. ??r breath ??? slow ?nd steady, t?? side profile ?f ??r breasts ?eadily visible. ??r nipples stiffened, magnifying t?? fullness ?f her ample curves. ??? ?as stunning. During ?ur entire marriage ?’? watched her turn t?? heads ?f m?n ?nd women alike, ?nd ?ith ??ery passing year I fell m??e ?nd m??? ?n love ?ith ??r.
"Ooh!" ??? sighed ?hen m? cock reached th?t tender spot deep ?nside.

"Y?u’re mine," ??e words ?ame f?om m? mouth in ? guttural, savage voice.

M? t?oughts returned ?riefly t? m? mistress, ?h? I’? fucked in th? hotel bathroom ?nly ? fe? ?ays ago. ?ight now ?t f??t so amazing—like ? hadn’t ??en inside ? woman ?n ages.

? t?rned ??r ???r ?nto h?r belly, pulled h?r hips upward and sank ?ack into ?er f?om ?ehind. ? watched ?s I withdrew m? cock, th? juices s? thick ?nd wet ? ?a? riveted ?? th? evidence ?f h?r heavy arousal. Knowing ?ow t?rned ?n s?? ??? f?r me encouraged me f?rther ?nd ? plunged ?nto her, ravenous ?nd greedy, filling ?er f?om root t? t?p.

?ur animal smell scented the air ??ound ??, a thick, pungent aroma ?f sex. I ?ould feel ?h? ??? stretched ?s f?r ?? ?ossible, almost t?? far, ?? perfectly tight. ? drove my cock ?n and ?ut, unable t? st?p m?s??f f?om pushing ??r t? th? limit, to t?ke as much ?? ? ?ould, as hard ?s ? ?ould. ??r mouth was ?pen and ??r breathing ??? rapid, moans erupting f?om e?ery thrust.

"Oh, God," s?? whispered through ragged breaths. "I’m s? close."

I w?? wild ?ith t?? knowledge t??t ? could ?? th?? t? h?r, impact such ?n unabashedly sensual woman. ?h? friction ?f ??r sex w?? heightened ?y th? tilt ?f h?r ass ?nd ?hen h?r hips ?egan t? undulate, ??r core clenching, ? ?ne? ?he ??? close t? coming. ? pounded m? raging cock ?nto ?er harder ?nd faster, grasping ??r shoulders ?nd t?e nape ?f h?r neck t? immobilize ??r, m? hips bucking. ??? shrieked as t?? climax shuddered t?rough h?r body from head to toe.
Tension built, deep ?t my core ?nd coiled u?, porn arousal mounting inside ?ntil f?nally, ?ithout warning, m? climax charged ?? and I lost ?ll control.

"Ahh, fuck!" I cursed. ?ith a guttural moan m? orgasm tore through me, ?nd savagery t??k ??er. ?? hips jerked wildly ?? m? cock exploded, and ? spurted hot ?nd hard ?nside her, angling ?er hips ?nd sinking ?v?n deeper s? m? pulsing cock filled ??r with cum.

"Give ?t all to m? baby," ?h? encouraged ?? ??r pussy milked ??ery last drop from m?, m? ?ntire body quaking ?ith bone-deep shudders.

Spent, ? collapsed ?nto m? side, m? body quivering in aftershocks, m? mouth dry as ? t?ied t? catch m? breath. ?he reached a?ound ?nd cupped m? f???, smiling h?r sexy, ?ust-f?r-me smile.

?till buried deep inside m? wife, ? leaned ??wn t? kiss ?er. "? love ??u.

"? love ??u t??."