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Twitter outage takes down Tweetdeck, affects images and DMs

por Ethel Trego (2020-04-26)

C_oPGGOU0AAjQil.jpg%5C-text c-gray-1" >Be nice to any journalists you see on Twitter right now -- Tweetdeck is down and it's a headache for everyone. While the company has said it's aware of issues and investigating, problems have also hit regular users, who aren't seeing new DMs at the moment, or may have trouble adding extra stuff to tweets like images, videos and polls. In a tweet, the company said it's working on a fix and that things " ????? should be back to normal soon."

We've been experiencing outages across Twitter and TweetDeck. You might have had trouble Tweeting, getting notifications, or viewing DMs. We're currently working on a fix, and should be back to normal soon.

- Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) October 2, 2019

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