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The importance of Premier League Data

por Lynwood Andrus (2020-10-19)


Many of the clubs that are currently playing in the Premier league as well as the lower divisions now have data analysts who role is to try and make sense of the data collected. The role of the analysts is to carry out pre-match preparations as well as debriefs after the match in order to identify their targets in the transfer windows and come up with strategies that can help nurture the young players through different ranks.

While different parties in football continue to accept the importance of using data as an important part in football, this continues to be more ambitious and ?????? astute. Each second, there are 10 data points that are collected for each of the 22 players and this generates around one and ????????? a half million data points for ?????? every game. The data is then coded by analysts to determine the number of tackles, pass and shots and this makes it possible for managers as well as performance analysts to get insights on the occurrences on every game as well as on and off the pitch.

During the training sessions, player usually wear a GPS tracker, heart rate monitor and acceleration sensors and this helps to analyze their performance and also improve their preparation. While these devices aren't allowed during the live games, they can also help to provide some important stats on what happens during an actual match. There are even clubs that are even combining their game and training performance analytics with the data gotten from tracking some other areas in the life of the player such as their diet as well as sleeping diet.

During the first phase of the revolution in performance analysis, teams got analysis competencies and technologies. However, in the recent past, this has now shifted to the use as well as the implementation of the data available. Since most clubs are operating in an environment that is rich in data and getting access to a wide range of resources for interpreting numbers, it is not enough To use data in a basic way to gain that competitive advantage.

In a modern game, data is used to get that extra one percent that can used to exploit a weakness of the opposition and make the difference between losing and winning. Instead of just using the data for the sake of tactical performance, many clubs are now using objective information in a bid to enhance their efficiency and also develop the processes that can help the organization to be prepared in the right way from the pitch to their boardroom.

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