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Collecting Graded Pokemon Cards as an Investment

por Bert Mathew (2020-08-11)


Collecting graded Pokemon cards has always been a hobby for people who love the game, love Pokemon or love collecting in general. One of the most demanded cards in Pokemon Trading Card Game(TCG) collecting sold for over $18k in April this year on auction on eBay by Pre-War Card Collectors (PWCC), an eBay action house that is famous for auctioning various graded sports cards and sports memorabilia. That's right, $18,000 ($18,600 to be exact), enough to pay for a deposit on a $360,000 house.

‘Why on earth would people spend $18k on cardboard?' Well, the short answer is they like it. They like the card so much that they are willing to convert their hard-earned cash into a card slabbed in between plastic cases (pics below).