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Why Applying for Parent Super Visa Canada is a Good Option

por Josette Whitman (2020-08-08)

In search of a better living and lifestyle, it is seen that people immigrate to a different nation, where growth prospects are higher than their home country. But, in making such a move, the person gets deserted from his/ her family. Hence, the sense of homeliness is not achieved, even after earning a better living than before.

gh11.jpgCanada is one such country, where a large number of individuals immigrate, in search of better career, living and business opportunities. If you are also the one who has immigrated to Canada and earned a good lifestyle, then you must certainly plan to call your parents to Canada and let them live with you.

In this huge duration, you might have really missed your parents. Yes?? So, applying for a visa program can be a good option for you due to some reasons:

1. Family Reunion

The first and foremost reason is family reunion. Reuniting with family is the major advantage of such programs. You will never feel home sick, if you apply for this program. Not just this, you will gain a sense of security that you are among the ones, whom you know and love. So, a feel good feeling is always there inside.

2. Support to Parents

Through this program, you can ascertain that you would be able to support your parents in every way. This implies that if you apply for parent super visa Canada, you will be able to call your parents to live with you. This in turn will help you ensure that your parents are receiving all types of supports that they require, i.e. financial support and medical support.

3. Security to Parents

Just as you'll feel secure with your parents, in the same way your parents also will feel better and secure with you. In their old age, they would definitely love to stay with you, as someone is needed - at such an age - who could take care of them and their needs.

So, definitely this program aims at bringing a family together. Nothing can be better than this.

Other facts to know:

The visa is meant for your parents, only if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

This visa can be obtained even if the application for permanent residency is still pending.

The visa holders are bound to comply with the rights and restrictions applicable on tourist visa holder


Now, do not feel home sick anymore. Through this temporary resident permit, you can call your parents to live with you in Canada for 2 years per visit. This permit is valid up to a time period of 10 years. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to bring your parents close to you and stay with them under one shelter.

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