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Rise in online gambling during lockdown boosts 888

por Lillie Ramos (2020-07-10)

Online gambling giant said profits were likely to come in well ahead expectations this year thanks to a surge in people playing poker during lockdown and a return of big sport events.

The company - which in April claimed it remained committed to help prevent people spiralling into problem gambling during lockdown - said its average daily revenue so far this year has been 34 per cent higher than last year.

It said it has seen punters come back thanks to a gradual return of sports events during recent weeks. 

Lockdown entertainment: 888 said itbenefited from a structural shift towards online services, with more poker players joining its site

'We have seen a better-than-expected customer reaction to the gradual return of sports events during recent weeks and, during June so far, our sport revenue run-rate has been ahead of June 2019,' 888 chief executive Officer Itai Pazner said. 

Bookmakers, including 888 and William Hill, have been helped by the return of horseracing as well as UK's Premier League and Germany's Bundesliga in recent weeks. 

The company said it also benefited from a structural shift towards online services, with more poker players joining its site.


'We have delivered a particularly encouraging performance in Poker which reflects the strength of our product and ongoing focus on providing a safe and entertaining destination for recreational poker players,' Pazner added.

jumped following the update, to close 15 per cent higher at 173.92 on Friday.

'Lockdown has been negative for gambling revenue overall, but it has clearly accelerated the lane change to online,' Peel Hunt analysts said. 

'888, in the race-tuned online casino, has been well-placed to push down on the marketing accelerator and take the lead'.

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