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Trump gets in confrontation with reporter who asks about Jared Kushner

por Joann McMullan (2020-07-10)

President Donald Trump on Friday exploded at a CBS News reporter who asked him about Jared Kushner's comment that the national medical stockpile was not meant for the states.

‘It is a gotcha,' the president told CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang.

‘It means United States of America and then we take that "our" and distribute it to the states.'

She asked him what Kushner meant by the word 'our' and said she was not asking a 'gotcha' question but trying to clarify policy on the use of the Strategic National Stockpile.

‘When he says our, he is talking about our country,' Trump said of Kushner, who is a senior adviser in the White House.

'He is talking about the federal government. It is such a basic, simple question. And you try to make it sound so bad.'

'It's not bad. I'm just trying to understand,' Weijia said.