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Project management group project

por Kristin Champ (2020-07-07)


One of the primary factors of project management is to be able to develop a workable project plan. A project plan offers a roadmap for the project managers to follow, and it also acts as project managers? communications and control tool throughout the project (Crawford et al., 2006). Project management ensures that there is the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience aimed at achieving project success. The paper contains a detailed project plan including the scope, costs, the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders and team members, schedules, and other relevant information regarding project management. Work breakdown structure

Resources estimates

The main resources in a requirement in this project include human resources include capital, domain name, web host, software, and hardware. The following table contains the resources estimates to develop the website project in detail, and it also contains the cost of the resources. Capital will be at $500, and it covers the costs for the miscellaneous expenditures, making consultations where possible, and motivations for the workers where applicable. The capital for graphic designers is $170.52 as per the standards of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015) that stipulates that the mean hourly rate of graphic designers be $24.36. The programming will receive a pay of $500 because of the intense work of programming and because the programming work is what takes much of time in project development. The domain name will take $10.99 as per 123-reg (2015). Web hosting will cost $71.88 because the cost per month for a deluxe web reseller hosting is $5.99 as per the (2015). The Joomla content editor program is free of charge, and it can have download from the Internet.

Risks associated with the project

There may be a lack enough preparation before the start of the project (Al-Rousan et al., 2009).

The project may lag behind schedule due to too many people for making a project. That is because of the failure to define clearly the roles and responsibilities of individuals in the project. It may also result from the lack of active involvement of the key stakeholders and project sponsors.

The requirements may keep on changing due to technology changes and changes of customer needs (Barkley, B2004).

Low estimates of the project may delay the project completion.

Lack of necessary expertise to perform the various tasks in the project development.

There may arise conflicts of interests due to diverse opinions of decision makers in the project development (Larson et al., 2013).

There is a risk of lack of access to the main contacts or project lead.

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