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Pence pleads for donations of N95 masks; plans for M.A.S.H. hospitals

por Alena Bullen (2020-07-07)

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Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday urged construction firms to donate specialized N95 masks to their local hospitals as the government tries to head off a rush of demand for equipment to protect doctors and nurses from the coronavirus outbreak.  

Pence made the plea at a televised press conference along with President Trump and top government health officials, amid a nationwide shortage of equipment.

Trump said he has started the process of having the U.S. Army Corps of engineers construct field hospitals to boost the volume of hospitals beds. 'We are starting the process,' he said. He said they would be M.A.S.H. hospitals, or United States Army Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals.

President Trump spoke about deploying the Army Corps of Engineers to build hospitals and Mike Pence called for construction firms to donate specialized masks