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What Internet stand for

por Betty Steinman (2020-07-05)

Internet stand for inter connected network

In short, Internet comes from Inter-NETwork, because the Internet is a network of networks ie an internet

On another note, the Internet that we all use everyday is spelled with an upper-case I, and is referred to as 'The' Internet. There are many internets (networks of networks), but only one Internet.

What does Opera stand for in the Internet?
Opera is the name of an Internet Browser.

What does the abbreviation VOIP stand for?
The abbreviation VOIP stand Voice Over Internet Protocol. Voice Over Internet Protocol is used in order for people's voices to be transmitted over the internet.

What does imao stand for in internet slang?
imao stand for In My Arrogant Opinion

What does ip stand for?
Internet Protocol

What does Browser stand for?
To search on internet

Where can one find information about book stand price?
One can find information about book stand price on the Internet. Some sites on the Internet like Amazon or eBookStand offers a lot of book stand information and prices.

What does the you in icarley stand for?
The I in iCarly stands for internet

What does IMDB stand for?
Internet Movie Database.

ISP stand for?
Internet Service Provider

What does IS stand for?
Internet Solutions Island School

What does ip address stand for?
internet protocol

What does ria stand for?
Rich Internet Application

What does the letter i stand for in iCarly?
i stands for internet

What does the term IT stand for in computers?
Internet technology

What does edu stand for at end of internet address?
when there is edu at the end of an internet address, the website has to do with education

What does the T1 in T1 internet stand for?
T1 stand for how fast your Internet connection is going to be. T1 is the fastest of all, this would be a very high speed internet connection ( usually using fiber optics). The term T1 refers to the encoding.

What does Tk stand for?
.tk is just the internet country code for New Zealand. It does not stand for Trojan Keylogger.

What does INTERNET stand for?
this means inter natoinal network

What does MIME stand for?
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

What does wins stand for?
Windows Internet Name Service

What comprises IT And what does it stand for?
Internet Technology. Information Tecnology

What do the letters hdi stand for?
Human Development Internet

What does CIT stand for in textiles?
Computer Internet technology

What does isp stand for on computers?
ISP stands for Internet Service Provider which is the company with whom you connect to the Internet.

What does ICW stand for?
The acronym ICW can stand for in coordination with. It can also stand for International Community of Women and in internet chat ICW is used for I can't wait.

What does IP stand for in computer terminology?
Internet Protocol The Internet Protocol (IP) is the method or protocol by which data is sent from one computer to another on the Internet.

What do the abbreviation ISP mean or stand for?
ISP stands for "Internet service provider" Which are the people that take care about your internet.

What does www stand for in an internet address?
world wide web

What do the government initials DSI stand for?
Dual Screen Internet

What does IMEEM stand for?
Internet Millionaire Endorsed by Email Marketing

What does wi fi stand for?
Wireless Internet-Fidelity Wireless

What does a IP address stand for?
it stands for ??????? INTERNET PROTOCOL address

What does IIS stand for?
IIS stands for Internet Information Services.

What does www stand for and how is it different from the internet?
World Wild Web

What color night stand does miley have?
From the pictures on the internet Black.

What does IAP stand for in career education?
Internet Access Provider

What does the acronym SLIP stand for?
Serial Line Internet Protocol

What does https stand for in internet?
Hypertext transfer protocol secure.

Can you get Netflix from your internet service provider?
no, this is a stand alone service

What does hispd stand for in hotel industry?
High Speed Internet

What does the computer job title abbrevation IT stand for?
Internet Technologies.

What does VoIP stand for?
VoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol or simply communication over internet networks. It means transmitting voice data using internet.

Does a Nintendo Wii need an internet connection or can it be played as a stand alone?
It can be played as a standalone unit. It does not need a internet connection.

What does acronym VoIP stand for in retail?
VoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol, it is a phone system that uses internet networks.

What does the e stand for in e-folio?
The e in e-folio basically stands for Internet because the Internet icon for Windows' computers is an e for Internet Explorer.

What does the acronym MCHSI stand for?
MCHSI could stand for Mediacom High Speed Internet, an provider of digital TV, internet, and phone service. MCHSI serves typically smaller communities instead of larger towns or cities.

What does isp stand for in a computer?
ISP stands for Internet Service Provider.

What does the you stand for in iCarly?
if you meant the i in in icarly and not the you... the i stands for internet.... that was fredies idea:)

What does rs2k stand for?
RS2K is the Acronym for the Leftist Internet Personality, Redstar2000

In oracle 9i what does 'i' stand for?
in oracle 9i ,, "i" stands for INTERNET...

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