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3 People Who Would Love A Tattoo Gift Card For Christmas

por Star Pawlowski (2020-07-01)

Christmas is coming up, and we know that the malls (are they still around?) are going to be packed, traffic is going to be nightmare, and there's going to be a lot of ringing bells everywhere you go.
The one thing you probably will be on the hunt for is the perfect present for someone, but you are likely not thinking that will include a tattoo gift card.

You'll be forgiven if you've had to re-read that last sentence a few times, but, yes, a tattoo gift card is a thing and it's starting to gain popularity.

02d95a9d92ef0ef6d879007633e24d76.jpgTruth be told, there's not much to it as it basically works just like any other gift card would except that it, well, gives you the chance to redeem its monetary worth at the tattoo studio where it's from. Neat, huh?

But what exactly does this tell us regarding the state of body art in the world today?

Well, it could be a number of things. For starters, it definitely tells us that it has hit a level of social acceptance enough to be commercially viable. Major players in the industry such as artists are now brand names themselves. Secondly, it tells us that maybe body art has become more about fashion than rebellion. There was a time when an earring or a tattoo meant you were bad news, but even educators and law enforcement have openly visible body art.

Moreover, runways are now awash with models with all manner of body art.

And now we come back to the tattoo gift card. It seems like such a specific type of gift card that you really have to know who you'd give it to. Otherwise, like most other gift cards, it would be stashed in a drawer and forgotten. No, this is a present that needs to go to someone who will most definitely get use out of it, but who?

Well, here are your primary possibilities:

A Tattoo & Piercing Collector That's Looking To Add Something New --- Even a little extra cash can be great to have available when you're trying to make a sleeve come to life or an epic back piece come full-circle.

First-Time Tattoo Candidate Low On Cash --- You might have a friend or relative that's finally decided to get their first tattoo, 10? but they don't have the money. Why not give them a little help & become part of the story?

Someone Looking To Commemorate Something Personal To Whom You're Giving Support --- Some folks get ink to remember loved ones or inspire them through rough patches. Be their shoulder to cry on & hold their hand as they get tatted up thanks to your very hip gift.

Maybe the tattoo gift card can't buy a whole tattoo, but it could cover a piercing or some aftercare supplies. To the person who is all about their custom ink and piercings, this little gift is a big deal. So, when you're out holiday shopping, see what kind of gift ideas your local tattoo studio might have available & be ready to think outside the box.

A tattoo gift card for Christmas or the holidays in general?

Yeah, it's a thing, and has got 'em! Get inked up while you deck the halls!